Smallville Season 6 Episode 6-Fallout

This episode was great to see Clark bond with another Kryptonian, Raya, and how Clark was able to learn more about his heritage and culture. It’s too bad that Raya was killed off so quickly. I would’ve like to have seen Raya at least finish out the season. I felt bad that she was killed so soon, and I think that having her last a few more episodes so that we could have gotten to know her better would have been better for not only the show as a whole, but for the character of Clark Kent in Smallville.

We get to see more of the story arc of Lex and Lana expanded upon in this episode. I am torn between being intrigued and disappointed. I am intrigued as I watch Lex and Lana move from being in love with each other to starting to lie and outmaneuver each other. But at the same time, I am disappointed in Lana as she stoops to the level of the Luthors. In the past, while Lana did annoy me sometimes, she was always a pure character. A friend who was nice and sweet and while misguided sometimes, always tried to do the right thing. Now, it seems like Lana is being sullied by the Luthors and I am disappointed in Lana and her choices. I’m hoping that she will come to her senses at some point and get away from Lex. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 6-Fallout”


Smallville Season 6 Episode 5-Reunion

This episode further deepens the character of Lex and we see him and Clark drift further apart. Lex is despising Clark more and more, while Clark is realizing that he and Lex are no longer friends. Oliver Queen is becoming a regular character this season, one that is rising to the level of Lois Lane in importance to the stories being told.  Other than these character developments, there isn’t much to this episode. It hearkens back to the early episodes of the series, in that there are mysterious murders that end up being caused by kryptonite meteor rocks and Clark and the gang end up solving the mystery by the end of the episode.

The episode addresses the past history of Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen and how they have such a contentious relationship. We see at one point how Lex did have a friend and that he was a caring person. But we also see that even from a young age Lex did have a darkness to him that Lex himself has mentioned in previous episodes. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 5-Reunion”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 4-Arrow

This was a fun episode to watch as we see how Clark Kent and Oliver Queen discover each other’s respective secret identities and how they agree to protect each other in that way. Oliver is all about helping those that need help and tells Clark that he needs to start thinking beyond just protecting his friends and family. That there is a whole world out there that could use the help that he would be able to provide with his abilities.

While Green Arrow was introduced in the previous episode, this episode introduces him even more. Clark is more of a secondary character in this episode as he, Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane all try to figure out who Green Arrow is. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 4-Arrow”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 3-Wither

Wither is an episode about relationship transitions. We see Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan take their friendship to a new level. We see Oliver Queen and Lois Lane develop their relationship and spend some time together. We also see Lex Luthor and Lana Lang’s relationship flourish and become more intimate. But for Clark Kent, there is no relationship to develop. He does meet up with a hot Park Ranger in short shorts and the perma-grin on his face as he talks to her is pretty funny. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be for Clark and by the end of the episode, he is all alone in his barn loft.

The main plot is kind of weak and hearkens back to the tone of the first couple of seasons of Smallville. Where there is a murder mystery and Clark, Chloe and Jimmy Olsen (instead of Pete) set out to solve it. Instead of meteor rocks, there is an actual alien, a Phantom that escaped from the Phantom Zone, causing the murders. So, it’s not an entirely original plot but the relationships and character development is well done and advances the overall story of the season and series.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 3-Wither”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze

In this episode we see the introduction of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, and we discover that he and Lex Luthor have a contentious history, that spans back to when they were young. Lana Lang is trying to convince herself that she made the right choice in picking Lex, by demonstrating loyalty to Lex even though he is doing things that she doesn’t agree with. We see a first as Clark Kent gets sick for the first time in his life with a head cold no less. Everytime he sneezes there are disastrous consequences. We see him discover, with Chloe Sullivan’s help, this new superpower and we see some humourous attempts to control it. I liked this episode as it was good to get back to a story where Clark is still discovering powers. It is reminiscient to how this was happening in the first couple of seasons of Smallville, when Clark discovered his x-ray vision, his laser beam shooting eyes and his super hearing.   Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 1-Zod

What a great start to this new season of Smallville! General Zod almost takes over Earth for the first time (or again, depending on your age). We get to see Clark Kent kneel before Zod and trick him again (or for the first time). We see the Phantom Zone and those that inhabit it and how it’s possible to escape it if you know the secret passageway. I watched in sadness as Lana Lang and Lex Luthor’s relationship takes a new twist, as Lana is exposed to Kryptonian powers without somehow forgetting it by the end of the episode, but it is from Lex/Zod and not Clark Kent. Lana is forgiving of Lex and the terrible things that he did, but “he wasn’t himself”, so it’s all good. Then we see Clark and Lois Lane share an emotional moment, then realize that it was not the norm for them, but they realize that they kind of liked it too. This could be a new beginning for them as they start to realize that their relationship could be more than big sister/little brother, and it wouldn’t be so bad.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 1-Zod”

Smallville Season 5 Episode 22-Vessel

Clark is working in the barn and a mysterious wind and reflecting light appears. At the Luthor mansion, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang are sleeping on the couch together and Lex starts acting strange and has a pain in his head. He takes off in his car driving fast with Lana following him. Lex pulls over by a field and starts running through the field with Lana chasing him. He comes out into an open area and the pain subsides, he warns Lana to stay away. The ground starts erupting at his feet all around him. Just then a shadow falls over Lex and Fine appears next to Lana. Just then a beam of light comes down from a spaceship and takes Lex up into it. The ship leaves a kryptonian symbol on the ground and disappears.

At the Kent Farm, Lois is on the phone with an airline company trying to get a flight for her and Martha to go to Washington. Lionel comes by and offers to take them in the LuthorCorp jet. She declines and Lionel starts complimenting Martha on her rare qualities and is quite close to her.

Lana visits Chloe at The Daily Planet and she tells Chloe about Lex being abducted by the black spaceship. Fine was there and Lana blames herself for getting Lex involved. She is worried that Lex is dead.

Chloe visits Clark at the barn and tells him about Lex’s abduction. Clark is thinking that Zod is using Lex to get himself free. Clark tells Chloe that he needs to go talk with Jor-El about this. He goes to the Fortress of Solitude. Clark talks with Jor-El about how Fine is back and how they can stop him. Jor-El tells Clark that the ship and Fine are preparing for Zod to come back. Zod is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone and that he killed him and his mother. Zod’s physical body was destroyed, but when Zod is released he will need a new physical body. Jor-El gives Clark a kryptonian knife to kill Zod’s human form when he returns, whomever Zod inhabits.

At The Planet, Clark has returned and is talking with Chloe about having to kill Zod. They don’t know who it will be, but that it might be why Lex was captured so Zod can inhabit his body. Clark then states that if it is him, he will have to kill Lex. Lana overhears the last statement of how Clark has to kill Lex from the doorway.

At the Kent Farm, Clark pulls out the knife from where it is hidden. Lionel walks in an sees him with it. Lionel asks what Jor-El wants him to do with the dagger. Lionel brings another paper with kryptonian symbols, Clark translates it as “Sacrifice The Vessel”. Lionel wants to help him, but Clark tells Lionel about he will have to kill the vessel. Zod will inhabit a vessel that Clark will have to kill. Clark says that he can’t kill anyone. Lionel tells Clark that the true test of a hero is that he might have to kill one to save many. Clark says that even if it is your own son? He tells Lionel that Lex was abducted this morning at the field. Lionel goes to the field and Lex is back. Lionel and Lex talk about Lex has made a deal with the devil and he always comes to collect. Lionel grabs Lex by the shoulder and Lex throws him 100 yards away. Lex now has super powers. Lex runs off back to the mansion.

Lana is there and she is glad to see Lex. Lex tells Lana that he is okay and that he has been given a gift. He pulls out a gun and shoots his hand to demonstrate, he catches the bullet. Lana is amazed that he isn’t scratched. Lex tells her that she needs to tell the truth about him. He has their abilities but he isn’t one of them. Lex tells her that he couldn’t keep something like this from the person he cares about the most. Lana then tells him that she overheard Clark and Chloe talking and that Clark is going to try and kill him. Lex believes that it is his father’s fault for infecting him with fear. Lex tells her that he has to go somewhere, Lana wants to go, but he tells her no. Lex tells Lana to meet her at the top of LuthorCorp Plaza tonight.

Lionel is at the hospital and Clark comes in and Lionel tells Clark that he found Lex and that he has changed. Lex now has powers like him and that he is dangerous. Lionel believes that Lex was chosen by Zod because of the darkness in him. Lionel warns Clark that Lana is in danger too.

On the LuthorCorp plane, Martha and Lois board and find a bottle of wine and a card from Lionel. Martha states that she isn’t interested in a relationship with Lionel. Lois doesn’t believe her.

At the Luthor mansion, Clark comes looking for Lex. Lana is there and they talk about how Lex is in trouble. Lana doesn’t believe him and won’t tell him. Lana asks Clark to tell him what is happening to Lex, Clark doesn’t answer and Lana tells Clark that she can’t believe she ever loved him and then walks out. Fine appears behind Clark and tells him that if he would have told her the truth about him, then Clark would have her allegiance. Clark then punches Fine, and Fine tells Clark that he was supposed to be the vessel and release Zod the first time. Clark tells him that he will never release Zod. Fine tells him that he will use Clark’s weakness of caring for humans to manipulate him. He then uses a computer program to shut down all the power.

At The Planet, Clark finds Chloe and they talk about how the computer virus is shutting everything down. Havoc and panic are occurring throughout Metropolis. All of a sudden, a car comes through the window and Clark saves Chloe. They talk about how now the only option is to kill the vessel of Zod. Clark goes to leave, and Chloe says that she doesn’t know if she will ever see him again. Chloe gives him a passionate kiss. Just then a phone rings and Clark answers it. It is Lex, who says that he heard Clark was looking for him.

On the LuthorCorp jet, Martha and Lois start talking about how it sure is taking them awhile to get to Washington. They look out the window and see they are not anywhere near the East Coast, as there are snow covered mountains below them.

Clark goes back to the Kent farm and is in the barn when Lex walks in. Lex asks Clark if has decided to kill him. Clark tells him that Lex did this to himself. Lex confronts Clark how he used to think that Clark was so virtuous, but realizes that Clark lies to everyone he cares about. Lex tries to throw Clark, but Clark throws him. They fight and Clark pulls out the knife to kill Lex, but can’t do it. Fine appears and encourages Clark to kill Lex. Clark instead kills Fine with the knife. A red beam shoots out from The Fortress and Zod is released into Lex’s body. Zod’s confronts Clark and tells him Lex is dead. Zod tells Clark that Jor-El banished him to an eternal hell and that the only survivor is Kal-El. Clark tells him that it is between them and no one else. Zod tells Clark that he needs to join him and Clark says that he will never join him. Zod then is able to imprison him in the Phantom Zone.

In the LuthorCorp jet, Lois and Martha are running out of oxygen. Martha passes out and Lois is able to pry open the oxygen masks, but passes out before she can put them on.

News clips from all around the US are shown of people rioting and looting. In Metropolis, Chloe is stuck in the middle of a riot. Lionel shows up in his limo and Chloe gets in, but they are pulled out and assaulted. Lana is also in the middle of Metropolis heading for the top of LuthorCorp. She manages to arrive and finds Lex there. Lana tells Lex that she is there for him and wants to find out where this will take there relationship. They kiss and the camera pans to Metropolis and then the US and then the world and how it is in chaos. Tjhe camera pans to space and we see Clark trapped in the Phantom Zone flying away from Earth.

Smallville Season 5 Episode 21-Oracle

Clark comes home to dark home and lo and behold it is a surprise birthday party! Lois has made Clark a cake. Clark opens presents, and Lois gives Clark a journal embossed with his initials. Clark notices an envelope with his father’s handwriting on it. There’s a card with two tickets to a baseball game in Milwaukee. Later on, at the graveyard, Clark is talking to his father’s grave and leaves the tickets on his grave. Clark then sees his father and Jonathan tells him that Clark needs to stop Lionel Luthor and that to save this world, he needs to kill Lionel. Jonathan then disappears into the mist.

At the Kent Farm, Clark talks over the meeting with Jonathan with Martha, and she tries to dissuade Clark that it wasn’t his father.  Clark tells his mother about the near death experience and how he saw Jonathan then. Martha starts to believe Clark.

At The Talon, Lana picks up some coffee and runs into Lois. Lois guesses that she is picking up coffee for Lex and asks if Lana is his new assistant. She says that she isn’t, but that they are together but he isn’t her boyfriend.

Chloe and Clark talk about Clark seeing Jonathan at the graveyard. Chloe goes along with it and they try to figure out why he should kill Lionel. Clark reveals to Chloe that someone tried to blackmail Martha and why.

At the Luthor mansion, Lionel and Lex Luthor talk about how Lex has been working with Professor Fine. Lionel reveals that he knows that Lex has been smuggling chemicals and viruses into the US, also that there are multiple Fine’s around the world. Lionel warns Lex to stop. Lex leaves and after which Lionel again has a strange reaction and reaches for pen and paper and this time we see him draw some kryptonian symbols and his eyes are whited over just as before.

Clark and Chloe break into Lionel’s office at LuthorCorp and discover that Lionel has an appointment with The Inquisitor and The Pentagon regarding The Weapon. Chloe surmises that maybe Clark is The Weapon.

At the Mansion, Lana stops by after a three hour conversation with Lois. Lex talks to Lana about something that is happening. He has been working on something big and asks her how deep she wants to get involved with a new project. He warns her that if he shows her this new information she is all in and can’t go back. She agrees and they go to a facility at LuthorCorp. Lex has been collecting viruses so that he can change the world. He has been altering the viruses to be able to help people. Fine believes that the spacecraft could be the first of many. Lex is now working against Fine. Lex has pictures of the spacecraft and Fine standing next to it. Lana reveals that she might know how to stop him. She says that  Lionel had told her how to do it when she found him in that strange trance he was in, when she found him scratching symbols on the floor in the mansion.

At the Kent home, Martha recieves a voicemail from Lionel warning her that something is going on that Clark needs to know about. She looks into the darkened living room and sees Jonathan sitting in a chair. Jonathan questions how long she has had feelings for Lionel. She denies any feelings for him, and tells him that she misses him so much. Jonathan warns that Lionel will kill everyone unless Clark kills him. He disappears from the home, and we as the audience see Jonathan looking in through a window at Martha. Jonathan then slowly morphs into one of the Dr. Fine’s and he smiles mischeviously before he runs off.

Martha is talking with Clark about how she saw Jonathan, they talk about why Lionel has to be killed. Martha tells Clark that Jonathan said that Lionel had something to do with his death.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is reviewing video reports on Dr. Fine’s whereabouts when one them walks in the door. Dr. Fine talks to Lex about their agreement and how he has been cut out of the loop. Lex assures him that the vaccine is being developed. Lex tries to disable Fine with a rock of kryptonite, but it doesn’t work. He says that he isn’t one of them, but he was made by them. Fine then turns his finger into a sword and holds it to Lex’s neck and demands the vaccine.

Chloe has been doing some research into Lionel’s phone records and discovers that Lionel had been calling Jonathan multiple times and that the last time was an hour before his death. The last call was made near the Kent Farm and that he was there the night his father died.

At the barn, Lionel and Clark meet. Clark is mad and confronts Lionel about meeting his father the night he died. Lionel admits that they met and that they had to talk. Clark accuses Lionel of killing his father, Clark brings up the weapon, but Lionel denies that Clark is the weapon. Just then Jonathan shows up and encourages Clark to kill Lionel. Lionel tries to convince Clark not to kill him as Jonathan wouldn’t tell Clark to kill anyone. Clark realizes this and uses his heat vision to push Jonathan away. Jonathan throws a tractor at Clark and then starts to choke Clark. Jonathan admits that he isn’t his father and when Clark asks who is he, Jonathan only says that he is the one that will bring the world to it’s knees. Just then, a high pitched metallic sound is heard and stuns Jonathan. It is coming from Lionel whose eyes are whited over again and he reaches out and touches Jonathan, who then begins to be destroyed. Just before disintegrating, he fades into one of the Fine’s and then is gone. Lionel wakes up from the trance and asks “What just happened?”

Clark and Lionel head back to his office and talk about Fine and how he has been destroyed twice now. Clark questions Lionel how he was able to destroy Fine? Lionel doesn’t know, but opens his vault revealing pages and pages of kryptonian symbols that he has written while in the strange trance. Lionel feels that what he wrote is meant for Clark. Lionel warns Clark not to tell Lex.

Clark and Lionel go to The Planet and show Chloe the symbols. She doesn’t know what any of it means. Lionel tells Clark and Chloe that Lex and Fine are developing a weapon, the virus, that was completed today. They have to stop them. Chloe suggests they talk to Lana about getting into the lab where Lex is.

Clark is in Lana’s dorm room, when Lana walks in finding Clark. Clark tells Lana that they have to stop Lex before it’s too late. Lana doesn’t want to tell Clark, but he tells Lana that Lex is in trouble and he needs help.

At the lab, Fine and Lex are talking about how the vaccine is ready. Fine injects it into Lex and he collapses. Fine then punches the power grid causing the lab to be destroyed. Clark shows up and rescues Lex. At the mansion the next morning a doctor is checking out Lex and finds him to be okay. Clark shows up and tells Lex he should have listened to his father. Lex tells Clark he crossed the line and he doesn’t want to hear about Clark going through her stuff. They argue about Lana and Lex tells Clark that it is his own fault Lana isn’t interested in him anymore.

At the Kent home, Lionel shows up and talks with Martha about how he visited Jonathan the night he died. He told Jonathan that he knew about Clark and that he was so angry that he never let Lionel explain. Martha doesn’t say anything and Lionel asks her to forgive him in time.

Lex and Lana talk about Clark and how he is barging in where he isn’t wanted. They agree to not talk about Clark for awhile. Lex goes to open a bottle of wine and there is an injection scar on his wrist. He then cuts himself on the wine opener, but he self heals instantaneously. He doesn’t tell Lana.

At the barn loft, Lois and Clark discuss how Lana is moving on. Lois tells Clark to stop stalking her and to put his focus on something else. Clark mentions that there are times when he feels that Lois doesn’t know him at all, and times where she knows him better than anyone. Chloe brings up the leftover cake and they talk about Jonathan’s real gift to him was that he taught Clark to be his own man. Chloe reveals that there were three signs repeated more frequently than others. The signs translate as “Zod is coming”.


Smallville Season 5 Episode 20-Fade

Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan are heading to a court hearing and the star witness is being escorted in to court. Outside the court, Clark saves a man from getting hit by a car with his superspeed. The man ends up being able to turn himself invisible and sneaks into a enclosed room and kills the witness and escapes before he is discovered.

Upon arriving home, Clark finds Lois Lane playing some video games on his new 50″ plasma and surround system that was anonymously delivered. Clark decides to take it back, he thinks it is from Lionel Luthor. Clark and Chloe do some computer research and find that the TV was paid for in cash. Chloe suggests its from Lex Luthor and Clark goes to talk with Lex.

Back at the Clark home, Lois is excersizing and the stranger that Clark saved earlier comes over and talks with Lois. He reveals that he is the one that delivered the TV and that his name is Graham. He hangs around to wait for Clark.

Lex comes back from Washington DC after a week of researching Professor Fine and was unable to find any leads. Lex and Lana Lang tell each other that they missed each other and then start to kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Clark is about to walk in and talk with them and sees them. He leaves and goes to Chloe.

Clark and Chloe talk at The Planet about how Chloe knew about Lana and Lex. He is going to talk with Lana, to tell her that she is making a mistake. Chloe reminds Clark that he broke up with Lana and that while she doesn’t like it either, Clark doesn’t have a say in the matter anymore.

Clark is in the barn loft looking at a picture of Lana and Graham walks in. He reveals to Clark that he sent the TV and that he wants to thank him for saving his life earlier. Clark relents and agrees to go to a party with Graham later that day. At the party, Graham introduces Clark to his date for the night, Lois. In a side conversation, Lois and Clark talk and Lois tells Clark that she likes Graham.  Graham tells Clark to go up to the balcony. He goes up and there is a woman, Gia, waiting for him. They talk and she tries to seduce him to the bedroom and kisses him. Clark realizes that Graham is responsible for this and leaves. Clark runs into Graham on the way out and Clark tells Graham about how Lana is now with Lex Luthor. Graham hints that he will help him out and take care of the situation.

At the Luthor mansion, Graham sneaks up on Lex with his invisibility power and starts to garrot Lex. Lana walk in on them struggling, just as Lex passes out.Graham escapes and  Lana calls for help.

At the hospital, Clark sees Lex in the bed and Lana holding his hand. Lana comes out to talk and gives Clark a rundown on his condition. Lana reveals that she saw the attacker and gave the police a description. Lana tells Clark what the attacker looks like and that he seemed to vanish into thin air. Clark realizes that it could be Graham.

Graham comes to visit Lois at The Talon and they talk about how Graham is talking some time off to spend it with Lois. He invites Lois to go to Chicago to see Coldplay in concert. Lois tells him that he doesn’t need to woo her with expensive gifts and jets. Lois reluctantly agrees.

Clark goes to Graham Garrett’s home and Clark accuses him of trying to kill Lex. Graham tries to kill Clark, but Clark deflects the attack and Graham realizes that Clark has powers too. Graham turns invisible and escapes.

At The Planet, Clark and Chloe do some computer research and realize that an unknown killer, ‘The Chameleon’, is on the FBI’s most wanted list and they have no idea who he is. He is most likely responsible for the murder at the beginning of the episode. Chloe checks the Digital Wall of Weird and there is no references to anything related to the meteor rocks. Clark realizes that because he saved Graham it has resulted in he murder and Lex’s injury. Chloe and Clark talk about his weakness of the meteor rocks and it is revealed to the audience that Graham is there listening invisibly.

At The Talon, Lois is taking a shower and Graham walks into the bathroom and is spying on her. Lois realizes that someone is there. She gets out and sees footprints on the floor. She gets out and opens the door to find Clark standing there, Lois is buck naked and Clark gets an eyeful. Clark warns Lois about Graham, but she doesn’t believe him. Clark realizes Graham is still there and chases him out into the back alley. Clark confronts Graham, but he has a kryptonite rock and overpowers Clark. Graham tells Clark he is going after Lex and Lana too.

At the hospital, Lex and Lana talk about his recovery. Lana tells Lex that Clark came by to visit. Lex asks Lana if she has told him about them, Lana isn’t too happy to tell her, but Lex tells Lana that Clark needs to hear it from her.

Chloe comes over to Lois’ apartment and tells Lois about Graham and that he is a killer. They run out of the Talon and into the back alley looking for Clark. They find him buried in a dirt hole in the alley. Clark tells them that Graham is going after Lex and Lana.

At the hospital, Lex and Lana are visiting, and Graham takes out the security guard in front of Lex’s door. The door opens and Lex pulls out a gun starts shooting aimlessly. Graham is hit, but punches Lex and drops the gun. Graham reveals himself and is bleeding from a shot to the stomach. He grabs the gun and chases Lana and Lex out of the room and down the hall. Graham gets off a shot before he dies, but Clark arrives just in time to grab the bullet while their backs are turned. Lex and Lana never realize that Clark was there. Lana tells Lex that he saved her life, as Clark looks on from behind a door with the bullet in his hand.

At the Kent home, Martha is home and Lois comes by and they talk politics. Martha asks Lois how she is doing with the recent incident. Lois questions why can’t she just meet a normal guy from a normal family that isn’t a psychopath. Martha reveals that she dated some losers too until she met Jonathan. Martha suggests that maybe they need to date the wrong men, so they can recognize the right one.

Clark shows up to The Talon and congratulates Chloe on her front page story of ‘The Chameleon’ getting killed. Clark apologizes to Chloe for questioning her friendship. Clark expresses the pain he felt seeing her kiss someone else and says to Chloe that she doesn’t know what that feels like. The pain on Chloe’s face is there as it is obvious that she still feels for Clark. She goes on to say that it must be hard, but that Lana has moved on and he must too.

At the loft, Clark is putting the telescope away, and Lana comes by. She asks him why he is putting away the telescope and she thought he loved that thing. Clark replies with “It doesn’t work anymore.” Lana tells Clark that she wants to be honest with him and tells him that she and Lex are in a relationship now. Clark plays dumb in that he pretends he didn’t know. He tells Lana that she can’t trust Lex and he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. She tells Clark that she doesn’t need him to protect her and that their relationship is over.  Lana walks out of the loft in what could be for the last time.

Smallville Season 5 Episode 19-Mercy

On US 40, the main highway in Smallville, Lionel Luthor is in his limo talking on the phone with a client. The in car television comes up and a masked man in a electronic voice tells Lionel he needs to win the game. A game of hangman is brought up on his laptop. Lionel’s car stops on the train tracks. Just in the nick of time, Lionel figures out the answer “No Mercy”, and the car doors unlock and he escapes as the train slams into his car. Afterwards he sees some graffiti scrawled on the Welcome To Smallville sign meant for him, “Having Fun Yet?”

At The Daily Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about how Lionel Luthor knows his secret and he is trying to weasel into his life. Chloe urges Clark to tell his mother.

Lionel walks into Lex playing chess at the mansion. Lionel suggest Lex that play hangman. He also says No Mercy, Lex doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Lionel tells Lex about the attempt on his life. Lex convinces Lionel that he didn’t do it, and Lionel is trying to figure out who did it.

At the Clark home, Martha practices a new speech on Clark that she will use at a fundraiser. Clark blurts out that Lionel knows, that he knows his secret. Martha tells Clark about the recent blackmail incident. Lionel will be at the fundraiser, but they decide to not confront him just yet. They decide to act normal until they can come up with a plan to take Lionel down.

At Lionel’s office, he is sweeping his office for bugs. He logs on to his computer and the masked man appears again. The masked man tells Lionel that he sees everything, and then somehow shuts down all the power. Lionel grabs a gun and then calls 911 from his cellphone. The masked man answers and again mocks him. He then pops up behind Lionel and sedates him.

Lionel wakes up in a dark room with some TV’s and a dead body. The masked man appears on the TV’s and taunts him. The lights come on and Lionel sees a faucet and two buckets, then a hook hanging from the ceiling. The masked man shows a video of Alex, his limo driver, attempting to escape by filling the buckets with the flammable liquid from the tap and balancing them on his shoulders to carry them to the hook and balance them. Alex failed and was immolated. The masked man tells Lionel he has 10 minutes to succeed or die.

At the Lionel mansion, Lana and Lex are playing chess and discuss their recent kiss. Lex says that he won’t be able to forget the kiss. Lex recieves a cell phone call, and Lana leaves. The phone call is someone telling Lex his father is missing.

Back in the room, Lionel is attempting to balance the buckets and is walking across the room to the hook. The masked man is taunting Lionel about how he killed his own parents. As Lionel puts the buckets on the hooks, they are balanced and the door opens and Lionel leaps through the door. Lionel finds himself in another room with another test. This test requires a partner, which is revealed to be Martha in a glass box, water is turned on and starts to fill the box. Lionel tries to find a way to break the glass to help her escape. Instead Lionel has to solve a word puzzle.

Chloe and Clark discuss Lionel at the Planet, when Lois calls Clark about Martha. Lois tells Clark that his mother never arrived to the fundraiser. They go to LuthorCorp and find Lex there trying to find his father. They discuss Lionel’s recent mishap with the train. Clark discovers a bug in the room, and Chloe thinks she can reverse the signal to find out who it belongs to.

Back in the room, Lionel and Martha attempt to solve the word puzzle.

Chloe, Lex and Clark are working on the signal location, Chloe finds the address and Lex and Clark head off to the location.

Lionel is still working on the puzzle as the water gets deeper and is over her head. Lionel solves the puzzle “Failed Takeover” , the glass breaks just as Martha is about to drown. The masked man comes back and feigns disbelief that Lionel would care about another person. They are shown the way out and expect another trap. They exit the second room and are forced into an elevator. Lionel tells Martha about the failed takeover of Apex.  The elevator stops and a gun is revealed with one bullet, and the winner goes free. The masked man tells them that there is a wired explosive set to go off in a couple of minutes that will plummet the elevator.

Lex and Clark arrive at the address and no one is there, but they find a TV showing the video of Lionel and Lex in the elevator. They can also hear them talking. Lionel hands Martha the gun and tells her to kill him because she is a better person than he. She can’t do it, so Lionel takes the gun and pulls the trigger, but there was no bullet in the chamber. The masked man comes in and reveals himself to be the security gaurd that swept Lionel’s office for bugs. Lionel pleads to have Martha released, and apologizes to the man. The masked man then blows the charges and the elevator plummets. Clark arrives just in time to catch the elevator saving Martha and Lionel. Lionel gets a front row view of Clark’s abilities.

At the Clark home, Martha and Clark talk about Lionel and how he never does anything that doesn’t benefit him in the end. Clark says they can’t trust him, but Martha says they might have to.

Lionel is back at the elevator holding the gun, when Lex comes in and tells Lionel that they caught the man who did it. He didn’t even know that Lionel wasn’t dead and freaked out when he was arrested. Lex questions Lionel about Clark and how he can be with Lex one minute and then be across town he next minute. Lionel blows him off and tells Lex that Clark is just a simple farm boy.

Clark shows up to Lionel’s office and they talk about how long Lionel has known his secret. Lionel says that since he was knocked unconscious from the crystal he has known the truth. Clark believes that Lionel is manipulating events to get in good graces with his mother. Clark tells Lionel that he doesn’t trust him and to stay away from his mother. After Clark leaves, Lionel has a reaction to something and is in pain, he writes something on a paper as the episode ends.