The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel Collection


The collection is growing! I can’t wait to add Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman,  Justice League, and more to my shelf.


Justice League Footage!


One of the most exciting things to come out of San Diego Comic Con this past weekend was a trailer of sorts, of the upcoming Justice League movie. In this exclusive footage, we get to see Bruce Wayne visiting Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Barry Allen (The Flash) and inviting them to join with him for an upcoming, unknown threat. We see Bruce and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) planning out how to create a super team. We also see three of them (Bruce, Barry, and Diana)  together, along with Cyborg (Victor Stone) walking into an abandoned room.

Following on the heels of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where we saw very small glimpses of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg, it was great to see them a little longer in this trailer and see more of their personalities as we watch them interact with Bruce. We also briefly see a Mother Box being buried in the ground. We saw two Mother Box’s in Dawn of Justice, one that essentially combined with Victor Stone and presumably turned him into Cyborg. The other was in Ultimate Edition, when we see Lex Luthor communing with Steppenwolf (a DC villain and Darkseid follower) and a Mother Box is present.

Justice League is set to be released November 17th 2017.


Wonder Woman SDCC Trailer


We got our first look at the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, as the first trailer and teaser poster was released this weekend at San Diego Comic Con. The trailer was great in that it showed some great action, showed the main characters and gave us a little of their motivations and personalities, but didn’t reveal the main plot and left us intrigued.

We were able to see Wonder Woman’s abilities and fighting style, which is amazing and promises some great visuals that hopefully are just a glimpse of what we’ll see in the actual movie. Wonder Woman is due to be released on June 2nd 2017. Check it out below!


Stranger Things


Stranger Things is a Netflix original series consisting of eight 50 minute episodes. As the show is set in the 1980’s, we are treated with a lot of ’80’s references throughout the show. Music, TV, movies, Dungeons and Dragons, and other pop culture references are all over the place in the show. The show could’ve been filmed in that timeframe with the tone, ambiance, sets, and everything else as the authenticity is amazing.

The show is about 4 early teenage boys who and their families who live in a small town and how they deal with a tragedy that strikes when one of the boys goes missing. The show takes us on a journey as the remaining three friends spend time searching for their missing friend. The show gets strange as monsters, other dimensions, and a girl with special powers are introduced into the story.

Stranger Things is funny, scary, intense, and nostalgic. Reminiscent of classic 1980 shows like ET and Stand by Me, as well as more recent shows like Fringe and Super 8, Stranger Things is a must see for any science fiction fan. The eight episode series is long enough to devote time to character and story development, but not too long that the story drags on unnecessarily.