Episode 16 – The Gifted Runaways of Gotham

Join us for Episode 16 of the Random Angst podcast! Justin and Marc discuss some new movie news about Suicide Squad 2, a Black Widow standalone, and a new Millie Bobby Brown movie! We talk about some new TV shows – The Runaways, The Gifted, Gotham and updates on Star Wars Rebels, the X-Files, and The Magicians. We also discuss The Dresden Files books.





The X-Files Season 11 Preview

The X-Files are back! Is it a good thing? Check out the trailer for Season 11:


Season 11 started Jan 3rd, 2018 and Mulder and Scully are back, along with Skinner, Reyes, Spender, and the Cigarette Smoking Man. The new agents, which I personally love, Einstein and Miller are back in the mix too and I hope they are involved more in to carry the show forward. I know there will never be another Fox and Dana, but c’mon we can still have more X-Files!


I’ve seen the first episode and it is great to have the team back! The first episode is a lot of exposition and catch up to what has gone before. I wouldn’t say it’s boring, but there’s not much action. There is the familiar tropes that we’ve seen throughout the years though which I think is great way to introduce us all once more.

We have:

  • the Fox Mulder narrative voice over
  • Dana Scully in the hospital
  • The CSM smoking a lot of cigarettes and pulling the strings behind the scenes
  • Mulder and Skinner confrontation
  • aliens

and this is just the first episode! It has great promise to get down deep and dirty into the X-Files Mythology and I hope we get to see things wrap up and new mysteries introduced. Stay Tuned as The Truth is Out There once more!

The X-Files Season 1 Episode 10-Fallen Angel

In this episode, “Fallen Angel”, we have CLASSIC X-Files material. We have the downed UFO, a Clandestine meeting with Deep Throat, Fox going rogue and running through the forest, a military presence, Fox getting captured – for the first of many times, Scully coming to the rescue, blatant government coverups, etc, etc., etc..
In this episode we meet Max Fennig for the first time. Max is one of the all time great characters of the series, in my opinion. Max is your stereotypical UFO nerdy guy, but he comes across as genuine and lovable. Max also has one of the weird marks on his body, this time behind his ear. Fox has read reports on this before and figures out that Max is an alien abductee.
Meanwhile on her own investigation, Scully comes face to face with some evidence of her own, while she is treating the burned army soldiers in the hospital. While there is nothing definitive that says aliens did this, Scully can’t help but think something strange is going on.
The episode culminates with Fox being attacked by the invisible alien and witnessing Max get abducted by the alien. Scully of course is not present to actually witness the event but hears it happening through the communication devices of the military.
Although this episode had cheesy visual effects as well, the story is more believable than say….Space 🙂 , and is better produced, directed and acted.
This episode is when the X-Files as a new series really finds it sweet spot and takes flight. All the classic elements of the X-Files are brought out in this episode and they are pulled off really well.

*This review was originally published on X-FilesNews.com in early 2012.

The X-Files Season 1 Episode 9-Space

Okay, so the visual effects in this episode, Space, are laughable at best. The teaser culminates in the Mars face forming from the ceiling and attacking a man, Col. Belt. Then the ghost face attacks a woman driving her car. Then it gets worse from there. The ghost face then leaves Belt and goes into space and attacks the shuttle crew.
Although the story had good potential, I think it was too grand in scope for the first season with what appears to be a limited budget. I think that if this episode could have waited a couple of seasons, maybe it could have been better produced. Maybe I’m being too hard on the episode, as there were a couple of good moments. One of them was seeing Mulder turn into a fanboy when he meets Colonel Belt for the first time was pretty humorous.
But that being said, I don’t know how this would’ve fit into the overall mythology of the show. Although there is a paranormal aspect to the episode and there is in essence an “alien” presence, it doesn’t really fit in with the overall feel of the show.
Overall I found this episode boring and I was glad when it was over.
*This review was originally published on X-FilesNews.com in early 2012.

The X-Files Season 1 Episode 8-Ice

One of the best episodes of Season 1 is Ice. Although reminiscent of The Thing, I like Ice better. Overall it’s an intense, creepy episode from start to finish. Starting with “We are not who we are.” mantra which sets the tone from the start; to Mulder and Scully pointing guns at each other, “Mulder, you may not be who you are.”.
Once the team arrives to the Arctic Base in the middle of nowhere, we see the crazy dog attack Fox and Bear (coincidence?) and Bear (the only pilot that can get the team out of there) gets infected with the organism. Bear knows quickly that he is infected. He then starts getting confrontational and then things start moving in the episode. Especially when we see the team pull the organism out of Bear’s neck! He of course dies as a result. On top of this, there is an Artic storm preventing any help from arriving any time soon.
Conflict piled on top of conflict. This episode is not only a great X-Files episode, it’s a great TV episode. You could stack this episode up against any other great TV episode from any era and any genre and it would compete well.
Another great thing about this episode with respect to the X-Files mythology, is that it sets up the concept of the Black Oil very nicely.
A great quote by Fox as the men disrobe to make sure no one is infected: “Before anyone passes judgement, we are in the Artic”.
It was good to see a young Felicity Huffman, Xander Berkley and Steve Hytner in this episode.
Unfortunately, this great episode is followed by my least favorite episode of Season 1, if not the whole series (Yes, worse than Ghost in the Machine) – Space.

*This review was originally published on X-FilesNews.com in early 2012.

The X-Files Season 1 Episode 7-Ghost In The Machine

Episode 7 is Ghost In The Machine, which happens to be one of my least favorite episodes of the whole series.
I think one of the reasons I really don’t like it, is that I’m sure 20 yrs ago, it was a high tech episode. For the most part, the X-Files holds up well over time. This episode however does not, it’s a tech heavy episode, and the tech is early 90’s at best.
Also the cinematography isn’t that impressive and the acting, outside of DD and GA, isn’t that great either.
During this re-watch, I’m noticing that there is some good character development on Mulder’s part. This is an episode where we get a look into Mulder’s professional past, back when he was a young, up and coming agent that dazzled the higher ups. He meets up with an old partner, Jerry, who has a checkered past in the Bureau. He comes to Fox for help and ends up taking advantage of Fox and steals his profile to make himself look good. Despite which, Fox forgives his friend and still tries to encourage him and tells him that he is a good agent. It was interesting to see Fox cover for Jerry multiple times and how Fox stuck with his friend and had compassion for him.
This is a side of Fox that we don’t get to see much of on a professional level. Outside of his relationship with Scully, we usually see Fox in conflict with everyone else he interacts with at work.
Some things that I don’t like about the episode, the COS trying to kill Scully in the vents; COS being able to electrocute people when they touch the door handles; a not so interesting appearance of Deep Throat (in my opinion); the COS being a poor ripoff of HAL9000.
Interesting fact: Scully’s Agent ID# is 2317-616.
Good thing this episode is followed by one of my favorite episodes of Season 1 – Ice!

*This review was originally published on X-FilesNews.com in early 2012.