The Fourth Ta'veren: Episode 3 - The Eye of the World - Chapters 11-15


Thanks for listening to the Fourth Ta'veren! We are a family friendly Wheel of Time podcast. In this episode, we cover chapters 11-15 from The Eye of the World Book One in the Wheel of Time. 

We open with the latest Wheel of Time news, then move in to a mostly spoiler free review of the chapters, 11-15. There may be some minor spoilers, but we try to talk around anything too revealing. 

We then spend time discussing the Breaking of the World. This discussion contains some spoilers, so listen at your own risk if you want to remain spoiler free!

In this episode, after we had wrapped things up, Marc and I spent some more time speculating about who would win in a duel - Rand, Mat, or Lan.  This bonus content definitely has spoilers, so be aware.