The Fourth Ta'veren - Episode 6 - The Eye of the World - Chapters 27-32


Join the Credible Nerds, Marc and Justin, as we revisit one of our favorite epic fantasy series - The Wheel of Time. We are a family friendly Wheel of Time podcast that you can listen to with your kids as you raise them right with the Wheel of Time! In this episode we discuss the latest Wheel of Time news as new episode titles are announced!

We then review Chapters 27-32 in Book 1 of The Wheel of Time, The Eye of the World. We keep it mostly spoiler (minor spoilers only) free as we talk steddings, Whitecloaks, and playing the flute for your dinner.  We then lift the spoiler free ban and discuss the Children of the Light and what they are all about. Are they the good guys, because they walk in the Light, or are they bad because they like to torture Darkfriends? You can listen and decide as we breakdown their history and their influence with other nations and kingdoms.  

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