Random Angst Podcast Episode 11 - Justice League, The Punisher, and Oathbringer

Our latest podcast, Episode 11, is now live! Check it out on your way to work or while you work - and let us know what you think! We talk about the new Justice League movie and what we thought of it - our likes and dislikes (Spoilers are present).We talk about Brandon Sanderson's latest novel - Oathbringer! We are still reading, so it's a spoiler free review as we discuss our initial thoughts on the story so far. We also discuss the newest Marvel Netflix series, The Punisher, and how that is capturing our interest despite the negative reviews. We also go way back to 1984 and talk The Terminator and how with the rumblings of a new Terminator movie, how the franchise is doing and do we really need a new movie? So give us a listen and let Random Angst know what you think! 

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