Force Friday for March 15, 2019

Star Wars has been a Force in the public conscious since it’s blockbuster theater release in 1977 - over 41 years ago!! As an adult who first saw Star Wars in theaters way back when as a young child, this concept is still amazing to me and I have to say it has been a fun ride. It’s also amazing that a film franchise can thrive for so long and that it has connected over and over with multiple generations. It’s been a great time to be a Star Wars fan!

A Star Wars Saga

A Star Wars Saga

Star Wars brings many things to the table for fans, whether it’s great characters, amazing ships and weapons, or just an overall fun story to watch or read. Each movie has it’s own individual contained story and tone but yet contributes to the the overall, soon to be 11 films and multiple TV shows, story arc. This allows for many fans of different ages, gender, and backgrounds to enjoy this Star Wars Saga.

While it is normal and expected for fans to have their favorites, whether it’s a certain Trilogy, TV show, or book series, it is unwarranted for fans to claim “theirs” is better than “yours”. No fan is the same and each views things differently and enjoys different things. We should be celebrating our similarities and not ridiculing our differences.

I recommend reaching out to fellow Star Wars fans and discuss the good things you like about the Saga, take time to see why they are a fan and what they like. Overall, be grateful that we have a franchise that has endured decades of storytelling and creativity.

I look forward to what the next 40 years will bring us!