A Mural of the ENTIRE Star Wars Saga

A giant mural of the entire Star Wars Saga has been created for Star Wars Celebration! It will be revealed in it's entirety at Celebration Chicago 2019, April 10-15. The Credible Nerds will be there to take photos in person and showcase the grandeur of this amazing mural.

"At 10-feet-tall and 88-feet-long, it’ll be unlike anything we’ve done before.”(Lucasfilm Executive Creative Director Doug Chiang), Once complete, the final mural will feature every Star Wars movie, including Episode IX, as well as the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels animated series, with each entry given its own segment and equal footing; in other words, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will have the same real estate as Star Wars: A New Hope, illustrating Star Wars as one large story.

The mural was created by Star Wars artist Jason Palmer, who was apparently mentored by legendary artist Drew Struzan, so the quality of this mural should be amazing indeed. This is something that has been a long time coming, as many fans have tried to capture this Saga with art of their own. Some were great and some were good efforts, but it will be good to finally have this official representation of the Star Wars Saga.

The following is the Original Trilogy section of the mural, which is a great teaser for the rest of the mural as it showcases the quality of the print. The finished mural will represent all of the theatrical films starting with Episode I all the way through Episode IX, and include the animated TV shows, The Clone Wars and Rebels. No word on if The Holiday Special will be represented or not.

I really hope they sell this as a print at Celebration, or offer merchandise with this art on it. I would love to have it hanging in my home.

The Original Trilogy of the Star Wars Saga, Episodes IV-VI