My Latest Purchase - LOST Encyclopedia

 Yes, I was a LOST fanatic for the past 6 years and still enjoy uncovering the secrets of the Island and everything else LOST.  This encyclopedia was released about a month ago and I had a chance to peruse it at New York Comic-Con before it was released in stores. DK gave out sample books to whet my appetite until I could purchase it on my own. Needless to say, this book does not dissapoint! The LOST encyclopedia is huge and I imagine that it will take a couple of months, if not longer, to finish reading this from cover to cover. I do plan on re-watching LOST from start to finish sometime in the next 6 months, so this will be a great companion to have as I re-watch the series. So far from the couple of pages that I have read and the others that I have browsed, this book is worth purchasing - so go out and buy it!  I will post a follow up review once I have finished reading it, Namaste.

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