The Fall of Gondolin - A New Middle Earth Story To Be Published in 2018



A new Middle Earth story, The Fall of Gondolin, will be published in August 2018 as reported by and other sites.

"Tolkien has called this story, which he first began writing in 1917, “the first real story of this imaginary world”; i.e., it was one of the first tales to be put to paper. "

It seems like this Middle Earth franchise that I thought was finished after The Hobbit movies were completed, still has a lot of life left. With the release of new material, The Chidren of Hurin, Beren and Luthien, and now The Fall of Gondolin; the literary works of Tolkien are still something to collect and read. Combined with the newly announced Amazon Studios 5 season series, there will be many more tales told about Middle Earth. It's an exciting time to be a Middle Earth fan!