The X-Files Season 1 Episode 10-Fallen Angel

In this episode, "Fallen Angel", we have CLASSIC X-Files material. We have the downed UFO, a Clandestine meeting with Deep Throat, Fox going rogue and running through the forest, a military presence, Fox getting captured - for the first of many times, Scully coming to the rescue, blatant government coverups, etc, etc., etc..In this episode we meet Max Fennig for the first time. Max is one of the all time great characters of the series, in my opinion. Max is your stereotypical UFO nerdy guy, but he comes across as genuine and lovable. Max also has one of the weird marks on his body, this time behind his ear. Fox has read reports on this before and figures out that Max is an alien abductee. Meanwhile on her own investigation, Scully comes face to face with some evidence of her own, while she is treating the burned army soldiers in the hospital. While there is nothing definitive that says aliens did this, Scully can't help but think something strange is going on. The episode culminates with Fox being attacked by the invisible alien and witnessing Max get abducted by the alien. Scully of course is not present to actually witness the event but hears it happening through the communication devices of the military. Although this episode had cheesy visual effects as well, the story is more believable than say....Space :) , and is better produced, directed and acted. This episode is when the X-Files as a new series really finds it sweet spot and takes flight. All the classic elements of the X-Files are brought out in this episode and they are pulled off really well.

*This review was originally published on in early 2012.