Smallville Season 5 Episode 10-Fanatic

Smallville goes political. Lex Luthor and Jonathan Kent run against each other for political office. The episode starts off with a cliffhanger and then goes back in time 48 hours to show us how we got to that starting point. Lois Lane takes over as campaign manager for Jonathan and helps him back on track. During his run for office, Jonathan is harassed and assaulted by some Lex Luthor fanatics who will do anything to get Lex to win.

Clark and Lana address the angst of their relationship issues and the fact that they haven't had sex since Lana went away to Met U and since Clark died and came back to life as a Kryptonian. Clark goes to Chloe for relationship advice and trusts her and her friendship. They discuss the posssible side effects of Supersex. Chloe, again, shows how great of a friend she is and talks some sense into Clark. Proving how blind Clark is and can't see the best woman for him is right in front of him.

Lex and Clark discuss politics and Lex reveals that his ultimate goal is the White House.

Then there's this crazy psycho girl who shoots her friends and then shaves her hair off because they won't go to the extremes that she wants to in order for Lex to win the election. She then attempts to seduce Lex by showing up to his mansion buck naked. Oddly enough, I found this bald headed female strangely attractive.

We then go back to the first scene of the episode, picking up with an extended version of the beginning cliffhanger, and we get to see how it all turns out.

While the episode is well written and executed, personally I'm not too hot on the idea of mixing politics and Smallville.

Lana and Clark meet in the loft and resolve their previous differences and agree to take it slow. Lana admits to being obsessed with the meteor shower and hypothesizes that there was a spaceship in the first meteor shower.