Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze

In this episode we see the introduction of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, and we discover that he and Lex Luthor have a contentious history, that spans back to when they were young. Lana Lang is trying to convince herself that she made the right choice in picking Lex, by demonstrating loyalty to Lex even though he is doing things that she doesn't agree with. We see a first as Clark Kent gets sick for the first time in his life with a head cold no less. Everytime he sneezes there are disastrous consequences. We see him discover, with Chloe Sullivan's help, this new superpower and we see some humourous attempts to control it. I liked this episode as it was good to get back to a story where Clark is still discovering powers. It is reminiscient to how this was happening in the first couple of seasons of Smallville, when Clark discovered his x-ray vision, his laser beam shooting eyes and his super hearing.   FULL REVIEW:

Martha is watching the news about "Dark Thursday" (the recent events caused by Zod) and how the Pentagon is denying reports of any breach of security that could have led to the recent events. Clark comes back and has been out all night helping with the clean up efforts. He feels guilty for not killing Zod and allowing the destruction to happen. He is exhausted, but goes out to do his chores anyways. While he is repairing the barn, Clark lets out a super sneeze blowing the barn doors off and they go flying. Lois out running and one of them almost hits her.

In Metropolis, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang are driving in his nice car when he notices someone following them. Eventually, the car stops following them.

At the Kent Farm, Clark is sick and has a fever. Martha surmises that he might have picked up a virus there. Lois comes back and tells him about the barn door. Lois then notices the barn door is missing and asks how that happened.

At the mansion, Lex confronts a private investigator, Robert Pontius, about the car that was following him and tells him to take care of it and he leaves. Lana walks in and notices the extra security, Lex tells her that he is being followed. Lex gives Lana a name and number, for Robert Pontius, to call if anything happens to him.

At the Daily Planet, Clark comes by to speak with Chloe and tells her about the sneeze. That it's not normal and then he sneezes in the office and blows papers everywhere and hot girls dresses up. He tells her about the barn door and how Lois is suspicious. Chloe will talk with Lois.

Lex shows up to Lionel Luthor's office and accuses Lionel of having Lex followed. Lionel denies it and tells him that it could have been anyone who was angry for what he/Zod did to he city. They argue and he leaves via elevator. The elevator stops and a gas starts coming into the elevator. Lex passes out and someone comes in through the roof and abducts him.

At the Kent Farm Clark is trying different remedies when Martha comes home with DVD's for Clark to watch while he rests. Lionel stops by and tells them about how Lex is missing. He doesn't know who did, and implores Clark to find him. Clark doesn't want to as their friendship is over. Lionel points out that if Lex does remember what he did, he could end up telling someone about the truth about Clark.

Lex wakes up strapped down with wires hooked up to him. The abductors have taken him to study the powers Lex has. They saw a video feed from Lex breaking into the Pentagon on Dark Thursday. They mention that Pontius came to rescue him, but he is dead now.

Chloe and Lois drive out to where the barn door was still stuck into the ground. Chloe tries to convince Lois that the barn door was blown off by a microburst. Lois is skeptical.

Lex's captors talk about freelancing and getting the answers for themselves. One of them has a gun and is threatening Lex, Lex denies knowledge of superpowers and he is shot in the arm.

Lois is at the Daily Planet and delivers an article on the barn door mystery. Chloe shoots it down and indicates that the events of Dark Thursday are more important. She then points out spelling errors to try and discourage her. Lois tells her that she will take it to another newspaper then.

Lana is attempting to play the piano at the mansion when Clark shows up looking for Lex. She tells Clark that she is living there now. He mentions that Lex has been kidnapped and wants to find him. Lana is suspicious and questions Clark about his motivations. She refuses to help him and won't give him any hints. She shows him the way out. Lana calls Pontius and Clark uses his super hearing to listen in. Clark takes off to find Pontius. Lana starts to look for something on Lex's desk and discovers a device. She pushes a button and a display monitor comes down and it shows video of the room that Lana is in and her undressing. She is also sees video of Lex and Pontius talking about the vehicle and Pontius had told the address, so she takes note of that.

Lex is being questioned and tells the abductor that an alien from another planet inhabited his body and allowed for him to have superpowers. The abductor thinks he is being mocked and threatens to kill Lana if he doesn't tell the truth. Lex then tells him that there is a serum in a vault on the 33rd floor of LuthorCorp and the code is Julian452. This is what gave him superpowers.

Lionel arrives at an office and speaks with a man, Oliver Queen, and brings him a bottle of Scotch. They talk about Lex and if Oliver has spoken with him since their boarding school days. Lionel tells him that Lex has changed. Oliver tells Lionel that he will give him a call, but Lionel reveals that Lex has been kidnapped. Also that Oliver had the only working satellite on Dark Thursday. He implies that Oliver is the abductor and leaves.

Clark meets up with Chloe at The Daily Planet and she remarks that he doesn't look so good. Clark reveals that on the way over his super speed gave out on the way. They talk about how Lana and Lex are living together and that it's like they don't know each other anymore. They look up Pontius address. Clark sneezes again but it is controlled.

Lana arrives at the warehouse, she calls Chloe and tells her the address she is at. One of the abductors shows up with a gun.

They go to Pontius' office and Chloe is trying to hack into the computer, Clark uses his x-ray vision to discover a hidden room. He tries to pry the door open, but is too tired. Chloe suggests he sneezes. Clark tells her he can't just do it on demand, she suggests that he blow instead. Clark gives it a try and blows the door down. They go into the room and find a photo of the warehouse. Clark tells Chloe to go back to the Planet and wait for him there, due to the danger. She doesn't want to go, but Clark runs off without her.

At the warehouse, Lana is brought in and the abductors threaten to inject her with the serum. Lex headbutts one of the abductors and Lana attacks the other. In the fight, Lex stabs one of the abductors with the serum and he starts shooting his gun, starting a fire.  He then passes out and the other escapes. The fire rages and there is no escape. Clark arrives and in hiding uses his super breath to blow out the fire.

At the barn, Clark and Chloe are preparing to go to the lake to have some fun. Lois arrives and shows them her newly printed article in the Inquisitor. They invite Lois to the lake but she declines because it looks like its going to rain. Clark looks outside and sees the storm clouds and the uses his super breath to blow them away revealing sunlight.

At the mansion Lana confronts Lex about the cameras in her room. Lex explains that they are only there for an emergency and won't be viewed by anyone. Lana wants the cameras gone or she goes. Lex will take down the one in her room, but the others stay.

At Oliver Queen's office, the abductor who escaped shows up and we see Oliver shooting green arrows for practice. The abductor tells him that he saw someone else in the warehouse who appears to have superpowers too. Oliver tells him to find out who that was and to let him know.

In a deleted scene, we see at the Kent home, Clark is feeling better. Lionel stops by and thanks him for saving Lex. Clark says that he only did it to safeguard the his secret. Lionel agrees but also indicates that Clark is a good person and will always look out for Lex. In a disturbing moment, Lionel is invited to stay for dinner at the Clark home and he accepts the invitiation.