Smallville Season 6 Episode 7-Rage

In this episode we see how Green Arrow and Clark Kent become better friends. Oliver Queen wants to be more like Clark Kent and to become more invincible than he currently is. In developing and using a specially created serum, RL-65, he is hoping to become more powerful. At first the RL-65 serum is very helpful and allows Oliver to do things that he normally couldn't. As with any drug though, with more usage, more problems come up. He begins to change into someone other than what he stands for as the Green Arrow.  Clark is able to step in and help Oliver realize that he is great the way he is without any special serum to augment his abilities. At the end Oliver realizes that his abilities are different than Clark’s and he needs to be thankful for what he has and take advantage of what he has been given.  


The episode starts off with a heavy make out session between Lois Lane and Oliver Queen. Oliver hears cries for help outside his office. He sneaks out on her and goes to help a couple being mugged. As he thwarts the thieves and helps the couple escape, Green Arrow is shot!

The next day Lois tells Clark Kent about how Oliver left her and also how the Green Arrow was shot, but escaped before anyone could identify him. Clark puts two and two together and heads to Oliver's place. Clark confronts Oliver about being shot and Oliver denies it and is very short with Clark. They argue and Oliver breaks a glass, cutting himself. Clark leaves and outside the door, uses his x-ray vision to see Oliver injecting himself with something. Clark believes this is how Oliver was healed from the gunshot wound. Clark later tells Lois about what he saw, and she vows to help him.

Oliver meets up with his scientist friend and they talk about RL-65 and it's side affects, such as anger outbursts. Oliver says that he doesn't care about that and takes more of the RL-65 serum.

Clark goes to Chloe Sullivan at the Daily Planet and asks her to run tests on the needle that he recently took from Oliver's home. She says she will contact her chemistry friend at Met. U and tries to hurry Clark out, as she is meeting with Lana Lang to go to lunch. Lana shows up and Clark leaves. While Lana and Chloe are talking, Lana passes out for a few seconds.

At Oliver's home, Lois comes over to talk with Oliver and finds the Green Arrow going through Oliver's things. Lois ambushes Green Arrow and hits him with a dumb bell. Green Arrow turns around and throws her into a table and gets hurt. She threatens to call the cops if he doesn't leave. Green Arrow then leaves.

Green Arrow tracks down the man who shot him and roughs him up. The man jumps off a building and lands flat on his face. Green Arrow goes down to the street and finds that the man is okay. Green Arrow finds out from the man that he goes to Second Chance halfway house and gets a drug that allows him to be stronger and it also heals him when he gets hurt.

At the hospital, Clark visits Lois and finds out what happened between her and Green Arrow. She hasn't heard from Oliver since being in the hospital.

Lex Luthor pays a visit to Dr. Black and she tells Lex that she is terminating the project as people are getting hurt. Lex reveals that he is paying her more than Oliver Queen is and the project will not be terminated.

Clark and Chloe figure out that the needle contained a drug being developed by Dr. Black. They go to her lab and find that it has been sacked and the doctor has been killed. They discover some files from Second Chances halfway house a charity that is funded by Lex Luthor.

Green Arrow shows up at Lex's office and they confront each other and they draw on each other, Lex with a gun and Green Arrow with a crossbow. They fire at the same time and both are hit. Green Arrow has a syringe with RL-65 and gives himself an injection, which heals him. Clark shows up at this time, and wants to help Lex. They both agree that the world would be better off without Lex, but Clark argues that it's not for them to decide that. Green Arrow tells Clark that he didn't ransack the lab, that Lex did. Clark sees a case and he opens it finding more of the drug inside. He injects Lex and after a moment, Lex is revived and healed, but Clark and Green Arrow are gone.

At the Kent home, Clark and Martha have invited guests over for Thanksgiving. Lionel Luthor, Chloe, Lois and Oliver show up and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Oliver has apologized to Lois and they are happy again. Clark gives a nice speech about how thankful he is for his parents and for the faith they have had in him.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex and Lana are eating dinner and it is not as festive as at the Clark home. Lana is quiet and subdued. Earlier in the episode, she had learned that she is pregnant. She has only told Chloe up to this point. Lana doesn't tell Lex the good news.

During the episode we also see how Lionel doesn't want to hurt Martha and that he is beginning to genuinely care for her. A small subplot was that Lionel was invited to Thanksgiving dinner, but he tried to decline as he didn't want to put Martha and the Kent's in a bad situation by their association with him. However, Martha doesn't want to hear it and tells him that she considers him a friend and doesn't want to discontinue their friendship. He ends up coming to dinner.

Upon finding herself pregnant, Lana is stunned and doesn't know what to do. She isn't sure if she want's to be with Lex or not. Clark and Lana have a conversation where Clark could tell something was wrong, but Lana wouldn't tell him and asked him to leave instead.