Smallville Season 5 Episode 13-Vengeance

After Jonathan Kent's untimely death, Clark Kent decides to drop out of Central Kansas to be able work on the farm and help Martha out at home. Things are understandably melancholic at the Kent Farm.  Martha tries to pass on Jonathan Kent's favorite watch to Clark, but he declines.  Martha takes Jonathan's clothes to a local mission for the homeless, at night no less, and is mugged by some thugs. One of them steals Jonathan's watch, and the other is set to kill Martha. However, a mysterious woman  in red with a black mask and cape shows up and beats up the thugs and chases off the one who stole the watch. The police begin to arrive and she disappears as mysteriously as she arrived. Martha notices her belt with a skull and two crossed swords for a buckle. At the Kent Farm, Lana Lang shows up to speak with Clark, but he is angry and blows her off. Martha arrives home and Clark sees her injuries. Martha tells Clark about the incident. Clark goes to The Daily Planet and speaks with Chloe who has some info on this Vigilante. Clark bumps into a pretty young reported who drops her papers and Clark helps her pick them up.

At the Talon, Lana is closing up and Lex stops by to apologize to her for the other night. They talk about Clark and how they need to be there for him, Lex reiterates that he is there for Lana if she ever needs him.

Back at the Daily Planet, Chloe is trying to come up with a new moniker for The Vigilante. She comes up with The Angel of Vengeance. Chloe is then threatened by The Vigilante to stop investigating her, and Clark tries to intervene, but is pushed away by The Vigilante and is shocked that she could manhandle him like that. The Vigilante escapes. Chloe and Clark come up with a plan to catch The Vigilante.

They go around town and Chloe pretends to be mugged while Clark pretends to mug here. Eventually she shows up and The Vigilante and Clark struggle and The Vigilante is unmasked, revealing her to be the woman from the Daily Planet with whom Clark collided with earlier in the episode. The Vigilante tries to escape by leaping to the top of a building, but finds Clark already there waiting for her.

Lex comes to meet with Lionel at his LuthorCorp office. They talk about finances and how his campaign compromised their finances. They try to outmanuever each other.

Back at the top of the building, The Vigilante and Clark talk about their abilities. The Vigilante was given a heart transplant from a girl who died in a meteor shower, this gave her these abilities. She also carries a Kryptonite rock as a keepsake. They discuss the loss of Clark's father and the missing watch. The Vigilante describes how she and her mother were mugged too, by the same gang no less, and she was stabbed in the heart which led her to needing the heart transplant. Her mother was killed in the attack. The Vigilante knows where to find the attackers and will take Clark there.

Martha shows up to The Daily Planet looking for Clark, she and Chloe talk about Clark feeling guilty and how he might be looking to take out his emotions on the attackers. Chloe and Martha have a moment about how they both know Clark's secret and take solace in their both knowing this.

The Vigilante and Clark approach the gang to try and find the attacker with the watch. He isn't there, but Clark steals a phone and they head back to The Planet. With Chloe they try to find out where the attacker is at. The Vigilante comes out of a phone booth located in The Planet ,changed out of her cape and mask. Clark remarks "Do you always change in phone booth?"  The Vigilante wears glasses to hide her secret identity and comments that she was impressed with Clark's moves and could use a sidekick. To which Clark responds, "I'm not a sidekick."  Chloe remarks that The Vigilante works there because there is nothing that happens in Metropolis without it going through The Daily Planet. They track down the attacker's address. Clark indicates that he will go and take care of the attacker. Chloe tells Clark that he is too close to this and it's not a good idea, to which Clark responds that he can use his abilities to stop people like this from hurting others. He takes off, while The Vigilante tells Chloe that she'll keep an eye on him.

Clark finds the attacker, Snake, and they fight, Clark tells him he wants his dad's watch back. Clark begins to choke him, The Vigilante shows up and tells Clark to kill him. Clark realizes what he 's doing and stops. The Vigilante pulls out the Kryptonite and gets Clark out of the way. The Vigilante, or Andrea-as her name is finally revealed, is going to kill Snake and he tells Andrea that he killed her mother because it was a hit job made to look like a mugging. The orders came from Lionel Luthor himself. Clark pleads with Andrea to not kill him that he isn't worth it. Andrea stabs the attacker anyway, killing him. She then leaves to go find Lionel.

Back at LuthorCorp, Lex and Lionel again meet at his office and they discuss their family skeletons. Lex reveals to Lionel that he knows that Lionel met with Jonathan shortly before he died, he threatens to tell Martha. Lex blackmails Lionel to quit the company.

Snake's friend shows up and finds Snake dead and Clark lying there still affected by the Kryptonite. The friend grabs Clark separating him from the Kryptonite and Clark breaks free from the attacker and heads off to LuthorCorp after Andrea.

At LuthorCorp, Andrea jumps through the window of Lionel's office and grabs him and tells him about her mother's death. She tells Lionel that he will pay, and starts to through him out the window. Clark shows up and they talk about not doing this. Clark tries to convince Andrea to not do it, but Andrea throws him out anyways. Using his super speed, he grabs Lionel before he can fall, but Andrea escapes in the meantime. Lionel thanks him for saving him.

Back at the Kent Farm, Martha is in the barn with Jonathan's coat and Lionel shows up to talk. Lionel admits that he knows that the Governor is offering Jonathan's seat to her, Martha tells Lionel that she hasn't even told Clark about that. Lionel tries to manipulate Martha into letting her trust him, by saying that she doesn't have to pay the campaign contributions that he gave her earlier. Lionel leaves saying that Martha can come to him for anything.

The next day at The Daily Planet, Clark shows up to find Andrea's desk clear and she was gone. Clark and Chloe talk about the previous night's struggle with how Clark wanted to kill Snake, but didn't due to his father's memory. They talk about how Metropolis needs someone like Clark right now. Chloe asks Clark if he could do something like that. Clark tells her that he wouldn't want to hide who he is.

Back at the Kent Farm, Clark walks into the barn finding his father's watch. Lana is there too and she had searched many pawn shops to find it. They talk about losing a parent and how hard it is. Clark goes back into the home and finds Martha watching old home movies of Jonathan and Clark riding a tractor. Martha sees that Clark is wearing his father's watch, they embrace and Clark has a good cry with his mother.

This episode was another well written and executed episode and was a great follow up to the previous episode. Following up such an emotional episode as the last, with Jonathan Kent's death, is a tough act to follow but they pulled it off very well with the right amount of closure for the Kent's and inserting another new storyline that plays off the heartache of the recent Kent tragedy. This episode helps Clark and Martha move forward with their lives instead of getting stuck in this recent emotional rollercoaster.