Smallville Season 5 Episode 14-Tomb

A dark and stormy night at The Talon, Chloe Sullivan is showering and the power goes out. Chloe gets out of the shower and sees something move out of the corner of her eye. She goes to the mirror and sees a reflection in the mirror of a girl who has slit her wrists and states "Help Me', Chloe screams. Lois Lane comes in to the bathroom and finds Chloe has slit her wrists and tells Lois, "Help Me.". At the hospital, Clark runs in asking for Chloe and finds Lois and Chloe's psychologist, Dr. Sidel. They talk about how Lois found Chloe and how Chloe has been stressed out lately and hasn't been sleeping well. Dr. Sidel tells Clark that sometimes people do this because they have a secret they feel they can't share.

Clark goes to talk with Chloe about what happened. Chloe says she doesn't know what happened, but thinks that there was someone else in the room. Chloe begs Clark not to tell the Dr. about his mother, he agrees.

At the Clark home, Lionel stops by to just check in on Martha to see how she is doing. Martha is annoyed at Lionel. They talk about the Senate seat again, Martha indicates that she doesn't know if she's going to take the seat or not. Lionel tries to comfort Martha by saying that it will take time to get through the hard times.

At the hospital, Chloe again hears the girls voice crying "Help Me" from the bathroom. She goes into the bathroom and sees the same girl with the slit wrists. At the same time, Lana shows up. Chloe sees bloody footprints on the floor, but Lana doesn't see it. Just then, the Dr. shows up and Chloe begins to freak out and Chloe is giving a sedative.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is on the phone trying to locate Dr. Fine when Lana walks in. Lana tells Lex about Chloe and they talk about Belreave. Lex agrees to call a different doctor to get a second opinion.

Lex shows up to the hospital and Clark is there with Chloe. Lex tells Clark that he is having Chloe transferred to Belreave. Clark disagrees that Chloe needs to go to Belreave. Clark kidnaps Chloe and takes her to The Talon. Lois is there and Chloe wakes up. Chloe tells Clark that she didn't hurt herself. Chloe hears the voice and sees the girl standing next to Clark, but Clark doesn't see or hear her. The girl vanishes into the wall, and Chloe insists shes in there. Clark uses his x-ray vision and sees a skeleton in the wall. Clark breaks the wall revealing a skeleton, with Kryptonite bracelet. Clark goes out of the room and calls the Sheriff. Chloe touches the bracelet and an energy is transferred to Chloe. It is shown to the audience that Chloe has now been taken over by the girl's spirit.

Chloe is acting weird, and doesn't have Chloe's memories but her own. The dead girl is revealed to be Gretchen Winters. Chloe/Gretchen escapes and goes back to her college dorm room. She finds a stun gun belonging to Chloe and talks with Lana. Gretchen bumps into Lex in the hall and stuns him to get away.

At The Talon, Lois is waving some incense around, when an orderly from the hospital shows up looking for Chloe. He is a little strange and he admits that his father used to run the movie theater. Lois calls the Sheriff, but before they can talk, the orderly comes back and knocks Lois out.

Gretchen shows up to a home, that turns out to be the orderly's, whose name is Michael. She goes inside and Michael says she will help her. Gretchen talks to Michael about how Michael killed her and Michael grabs her by the throat. Gretchen then sticks the stun gun in Michael's neck and starts beating him up. Gretchen then hears Lois screaming for help, she stops and goes in the basement looking for Lois. She finds Lois tied up, but Michael knocks out Gretchen and now both are kidnapped.

Gretchen wakes up tied to a chair and Michael talks to Gretchen about how she is going to help her. The orderly reveals that Chloe's mother was crazy too. Michael grabs a kryptonite bracelet and puts it on Gretchen's/Chloe's wrist. He then grabs a knife and tells Lois to take the knife and slit her wrists. He threatens to shoot Chloe if she doesn't slit her wrists.

At the Daily Planet, Clark is doing some research and discovers Michael and his address. He runs to Michael's home. In the meantime, Lois throws the knife and stabs Michael. Michael pulls out the knife and is about to stab Lois, when Clark shows up and uses his heat vision to knock the knife out of Michael's hand. However, Clark isn't able to do more as the kryptonite incapacitates him. Gretchen then reveals who she is and pleads for Michael to help her. Gretchen then puts the kryptonite bracelet to Michael's neck and the energy transfers to Michael. Gretchen then destroys Michael and Gretchen leaves in peace. Lois releases Chloe and everyone is okay.

At the Kent Farm, Clark is working in the barn when Lana shows up to talk. Chloe is doing better. They talk about how they should've turned to each other instead of working against each other. Lana tells Clark that she loves him, but she doesn't know how to talk to him anymore and that they all have their secrets. Lana leaves without really resolving anything.

Inside the Kent home, Martha is reviewing the papers to take over the Senate seat. Clark encourages her to do it and that he will be okay and that he will take care of the farm. Jonathan would want her to do it., Martha decides to go forward.

At The Daily Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about the recent incident and why she was chosen by Gretchen. Clark feels that it's because Chloe cares about people more than anyone else he knows. Chloe feels that because there is something wrong with her mother, and her too. Clark encourages her to seek out her mother and find out more about her. Chloe agrees and ends up going to the mental hospital to see her mother.

At the mental hospital, Chloe finds her at the hospital and they embrace. The audience isn't shown who Chloe's mother is.

While the last five minutes do a great job of developing Chloe's character and break down her inhibitions and anxiety in reaching out to her estranged mother, I could do without the main storyline of the episode, ghost girl using Chloe to find her killer wasn't very memorable in the long run.