Smallville Season 5 Episode 16-Hypnotic

We start off with some two people dressed in yellow bio-hazard suits walking through the forest. They find a hut with some bloody, dead people inside. They take some blood samples from the dead people.  Someone walks in to the hut behind them with a gun, they warn him to leave, but he kills them and then with his heat vision, he burns the hut down. The man is none other than the missing Professor Fine, and he grabs the blood sample before he leaves the hut. At The Talon, Lana and Clark are laughing over coffee and discussing Clark's dance moves. Lana hints that they could have the dorm room all to themselves. Clark makes an excuse about having to do farm work instead. Lana says that she is willing to wait however long it takes. She leaves The Talon. A super attractive women approaches Clark and hypnotizes him with an amulet she is wearing. She seduces him and they start going at it in the back alley, Lois Lane pulls up in her car. Clark introduces the woman, Simone, to Lois, as his new girlfriend.

Lana stops by Lex Luthor's mansion and they talk about how Lex has tracked down Professor Fine in Honduras. Lex is planning to go there to track him down. Lana wants to go, but Lex won't let her go with but will tell her all about it when he gets back.

Back at the farm, Clark is entertaining Simone. She wants some champange, so he runs to Metropolis to get some. Simone questions Clark as to how he did that, to which he resonds, "I can run really fast.". She then requests some chocolate covered strawberries, so he runs and gets those for her. Simone is devious and recognizes his potential. She then requests that they tell Lana about their relationship. Clark agrees.

At Met. U in Chloe's dorm room, Lois and Chloe are talking about Clark's new found love. Chloe is in disbelief, but Lois tells her that she saw it with her own eyes. Chloe defends Clark and that something must have happened to him. Lois wants to tell Lana about it, while Chloe wants to talk with Clark first. Lana walks in and questions what they are talking about. They lie to her saying that Lois will be staying with them. Lana then gets a call from Clark, about how he needs to talk with her about something urgent.

Back in the barn loft, Simone and Clark are waiting for Lana, and Simone asks him what else he is capable of. Clark bends a bat in the shape of an S for Simone. They start to kiss and Clark takes his shirt off, then Simone does too. Clark takes of his pants and then he takes off Simone's. She asks him to make love to her. They start kissing on the couch and Lana walks in and sees them. Simone tells Clark to go tell Lana that he doesn't need Lana anymore. Clark goes and tells Lana that he has fallen in love with someone else. Lana leaves the barn crying and is heartbroken.

At the Luthor mansion, Simone shows up looking for Lex, but Lex is on his private plane headed for Honduras. Lex and Simone talk via Smallville's version of Skype. Lex asks Simone how her progress is going, and Simone responds that Lana and Clark's relationship is done. Lex asks if she discovered anything unusual about Clark, she say's "absolutely". But won't elaborate and only says that he is a great kisser. Simone won't turn on Clark. Lex is blackmailing her as she has a criminal history. Lex will be bringing back someone from Honduras for her to meet. She doesn't want to do this anymore, but Lex threatens her with the criminal history, so she relents. A Lex Luthor aid then tells Lex that he just got word from a contact that Professor Fine isn't who they think he is.

At the Kent Farm, Chloe shows up to talk with Clark about how Lana is heartbroken and crying. She is staying at Aunt Nell's (a long overdue Aunt Nell reference) for now.  Chloe questions Clark about Simone and Clark says he has fallen in love. Clark says that he has told Simone about his powers. Chloe warns Clark to stay away from her and that he is being manipulated, but Clark tells her to back off.  Of course Chloe can't do that to her friend. She starts snooping and discovers Simone in the house and starts talking to her about how happy she is for the two of them. Chloe steals her ID from her purse while she isn't looking.

Meanwhile in Honduras, Lex is deep in the jungle and arrives at a camp and discovers Professor Fine. Lex tells Fine that he knows who he is, and assumes that Fine is a government operative. Fine tells Lex that he was in Smallville investigating a possible alien life form and the alien spaceship that crashed in Smallville. Professor Fine is looking for the spaceship in Honduras.

At The Planet, Chloe and Lois talk about Simone and thinks that Clark is under some sort of hypnosis. They discover that Simone's dad was a hypnotist and he recently died. They see that the father had an amulet that they both recognize that Simone is now wearing. Chloe grabs a green kryptonite rock on her way out to go with Lois to talk with Clark.

In Honduras, Lex and Fine are investigating where the ship might be. A local native has carved a replica of the spaceship out of wood. Fine tells Lex that the local saw the ship and Lex wants to talk with him, but the local is dead. This local is one of the people that were dead in the hut that was burned down at the beginning of the episode. Lex wants to help in anyway he can, but wants access to all of Fine's data.  Fine says that if they don't work together, LuthorCorp will be in danger.

At the Kent home, Clark is packing his bags to go to California with Simone when Lois walks in and tells Clark he is hypnotized and he won't be going anywhere. Clark tells Lois to step aside and that she will have to take him down. Clark smiles, but Simone walks in and Lois puts on some sunglasses and tells Simone to leave Clark alone. Clark knocks out Lois from behind. Martha walks in on them and Simone hypnotizes Martha to prevent Lois from following them and that Martha is happy for them, to which Martha agrees. Simone tells Clark that they have to make one more stop at the Luthor mansion so Clark can kill Lex. Clark responds with, "He's a dead man."

Lois wakes up and finds that Clark and Simone have left and that Martha is standing over her with a gun. Martha tells her to stay right where she is. Chloe knocks out Martha with a rolling pin. Lois tells Chloe that Clark and Simone went to the Luthor mansion. Chloe takes off to the mansion.

At the mansion, Lex walks in to find Clark waiting for him. They struggle and Clark is beating him up. Lex tries to talk Clark out of it, but Simone reiterates to Clark to kill Lex. Chloe walks in with kryptonite disabling Clark. Lex is half awake and grabs a gun. Simone, using the amulet, tells Lex to shoot Chloe and then himself. Chloe and Lex struggle with the gun and then Chloe aims the gun at Simone and the fires it, the bullet striking the amulet and destroying it. Chloe gets rid of the kryptonite before Lex realizes what is happening.

Clark and Chloe are at The Daily Planet talking about how Clark feels like he just woke up from a bad dream and remembers everything. Chloe asks if he and Simone had sex, but they hadn't. Chloe asks about Lana, and Clark hasn't talked with her about it. He's not sure if he wants to talk with her. Clark is worried about Lana and that her heart has been broken too many times. He is worried about the continued lying and hurting her even more. This will give Lana the chance to move on and get on with her life. Chloe tells Clark he needs to think long and hard about this before he makes a final decision.

At the barn loft with the sun going down, Clark and Lana again talk about their relationship. Clark tells Lana that his feelings for her have changed. Lana wants him to look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn't love her. Clark does just that. Lana is shocked and has to sit down. She tells him that she has waited for him to get passed the hang ups, he attempts to apologize, but Lana says she doesn't want another Clark Kent apology and declares that their relationship is over, forever.

In the middle of the Honduran forest, we see the spaceship with "Professor Fine" standing next to it. But then a second person appears, and it's another Fine, and then we see a total of four Fine's. They say that they need more samples and run off to find more.

At the Kent home, Martha and Clark talk about him and Lana breaking up and how he needs an adult relationship now. Martha suggests that maybe Clark didn't tell her because she wasn't "The One". Martha is worried that Lana might start to hate Clark and that her anger will do something that they will all regret.

Lana goes to Lex and tells him that Clark and her broke up. She feels relieved that she doesn't have to deal with the secrets and lies anymore. She comments that she can never trust him and how could she have been so stupid. Lex comments that she isn't stupid and that she is only guilty of putting her trust in the wrong person.

While it appears the Clark/Lana relationship is finally over, for now, it's taking a turn that I didn't expect. A turn where quite possibly Lana could become partners with Lex in trying to uncover Clark's secret. How would this affect Lana and Chloe's relationship? I think this will change the dynamics of everyone's relationship in Smallville. Which can be a good thing as it will make for a more interesting story and provide more angst in the long run.