Smallville Season 5 Episode 17-Void

At Met. U in Chloe and Lana's dorm room, Lana pulls out a wad of cash and goes to the cafeteria and finds a man with some green serum, presumably kryptonite in nature. The man, Lance, and his assistant are going to inject Lana with the serum. Lana apparently has done this before, as she wants to go under longer this time and that she almost found them last time. She's injected and is transported to some sort of dream state and finds her parents. She is talking to them about how she misses them and that it's been really hard now that she and Clark are no longer together. Her parents are supportive, and she goes to hug them, but is transported back to reality. She tells Lance that it wasn't long enough and she needs to go back. Back at the Met. U dorms, Chloe is doing some research into Honduras and some deaths, but she finds a photo with Dr. Fine in the forest. She shows Clark the picture and says that a "source" tipped her off.  Lana walks in and it suddenly becomes awkward. They share an awkward moment without saying anything. Clark leaves, and Chloe and Lana talk about how Lana looks haggard. Lana says she will get over it.

Clark uses his superspeed and runs to Honduras in a matter of minutes. He shows up to a village and starts showing Fine's picture around.

At The Talon, Senator Kent is being interviewed by the press. Afterwards, Lionel Luthor is there and compliments her on her handling of the press. They are both going to a dinner later and Lionel gives Martha some background on the host. He suggests that they go together, so he can help her navigate the rough waters. She thanks him, and firmly tells Lionel that they will never be more than friends.

In Honduras, Clark is talking with the locals and finds the boy with the carved wooden ship from the previous episode.

Lana, looking like a drug addict needing her next fix, sneaks in to talk with Lance while he is in a autopsy exam. She tells him that she needs to go back. Lance tells her that it will cost her $5,000 this time. Lana says it won't be a problem.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex Luthor arrives home and hears glass breaking. He grabs a gun and goes to investigate and finds Lana going through his stuff. He tells Lana all she needed to do was ask for money if she needed it. Lex asks what's wrong, but Lana says nothing is wrong. Lana then admits that she needs the money for more of the serum. The serum kills the person and then brings them back. Lana says that she went to the other side and saw her parents. Lex is intrigued and begins to console Lana and tells her to look at herself and what she has become, her parents wouldn't approve. Lex tells her that they should stop worrying about the people they have lost and should focus on those they have in their lives. Lex leaves the room to go get a blanket, and Lana takes off with hsi car keys.

Back in Honduras, the boy leads Clark to where the spaceship was located, but it is no longer there, it did leave an triangular imprint in the ground though.

Lex calls Chloe and tells her about Lana. Chloe goes to Lance's assistant, Allie, and confronts her about what is going on. Allie is evasive and looks terrible. Chloe tells her that she wants to know what is going on. Allie begins to choke and cough up blood, she only says "near death experience" and "metero rocks" and then dies.

Late night at the cafeteria, Lana visits Lance, while he is packing up the serum and getting ready to leave. Lana gives Lance Lex's car keys in exchange for more serum, but Lex shows up, due to his GPS tracking device on his car, and Lance and Lex fight. The bag with the serum falls and a container rolls to Lana and she picks it up and runs off. Lex calls for Lana and while distracted, Lance gives Lex an injection of the serum allowing him to escape. Lex passes out.

In Lex's near death experience, there is a woman playing a piano by a fireplace. It turns out to be his mother. They talk about how she used to play all the time when Lex was young. She tells Lex he is dead and she reminds him of the last time, when he was shot during the 'Lexmas' episode and how she warned him to make a different choice, but he didn't. She warns him that he won't be the only one that suffers. She warns him that he will murder lots of people and she shows him his hand, that has a black glove on it. He is then brought back by Chloe, who had found Lex dead and injected him with the 'bring back' serum.

Lex is taken to the hospital just as Clark shows up. They talk about how they need to find Lana and why she has been attempting these near death experiences to talk with her parents. Chloe hacks into the college security system to try and locate Lana.

Lana breaks into a medical facility and finds some needles. Lance is there and fills a syringe with the serum and is about to inject Lana. Clark arrives throws Lance away. Lana says that she needs his help to get the serum. Lance comes up from behind and since the serum is kryptonite, Clark can't stop Lance from injecting him and Clark falls down "dead". Lana and Lance struggle and Lance ends up getting killed by falling on a saw. Lana grabs Clark, but he is already gone.

In Clark's near death experience he is in the Kent barn laying on the floor. He goes outside and sees Jonathan Kent. Jonathan comes into the barn and they embrace. Jonathan tells Clark he doesn't belong there and he needs to go back. Clark tells his father that it was his fault Jonathan died, and tells him about Jor-El's curse. Jonathan tells Clark that it wasn't his fault and that he was proud to die protecting Clark. Jonathan reveals that Lionel knows his secret. Jonathan tells Clark that he needs to keep everyone safe, that he is much more than a man, that he is a symbol of peace and justice. That now it is time for him to go and that he will always be there for him. Clark returns to life with Lana there.

Clark heads back home and finds Martha all dressed up for the dinner with the Governor. Martha realizes that something is wrong, but they can't talk as Lionel shows up to escort her.

At the Daily Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about the ship and Fine. Chloe says she will talk with her "source". Clark tells Chloe about his near death experience, and that Jonathan told him that Lionel knows his secret. Chloe reveals that her source is Lionel, and that he knew how to play her. Lionel appears to be playing all of them.

At the Luthor mansion, Lana shows up to talk with Lex. He is playing the piano. Lana apologizes to Lex, he accepts the apology. He talks about his near death experience and how he saw his mother. He lies to Lana and says that his mother is proud of the man he is becoming, Lana mistakenly agrees and Lana and Lex share a goofy smile.

At the dorm room, Lana is looking at old family pictures and Clark shows up to see how Lana is doing. Clark is worried that Lana was trying to hurt herself, and Lana explains she was doing it because she felt alone for so long. She wanted to feel her parents arms and warmth again. Lana says that she won't let herself be that dependent again.  Clark tells Lana that all he wants is for her to be happy, she tells him that she will be.

I believe this episode is meant to help Clark and Lana and the audience move on from the recent Clark and Lana breakup. It also reveals to Clark his destiny and how he needs to move forward with that and that Lionel Luthor needs to be stopped.