Smallville Season 5 Episode 18-Fragile

Maddie and her foster mother, Naomi, are about to eat dinner, the foster mother is talking on the phone with Martha Kent about Clark Kent coming by to pick up Maddie. Maddie starts to draw and Naomi is mad. Maddie telekinetically breaks a pitcher. Her foster mother realizes it was Maddie. She threatens to call child services to come pick up Maddie. Maddie gets angry and runs upstairs to her room. She breaks every glass item in the home and Naomi ends up dying. In a deleted scene, Maddie comes down from her room to find Naomi dead with glass in her neck. Clark arrives at the home to find a dean Naomi and Maddie huddled up and scared.

At the Kent home Clark has brought Maddie to their home. Martha says that Maddie hasn't talked since she was three years old and her mother died.  Clark sits down to draw with Maddie and tries to get her to laugh, Maddie cracks a smile at Clark's drawing.

Lex and Lana come back to her dorm room and have been spending time together. Lana still has some files about Professor Fine that belonged to Lex. Lana tries to give them back, but Lex lets her keep them. Lana says that she trusts Lex, Chloe walks in on them and apologizes.

At the Kent farm, Clark is showing Maddie around. They go to the barn and Clark sets up a big pile of hay for Maddie to jump in. She's reluctant to do so. Shelby the dog comes into the barn and Maddie is excited to see him. Clark hears Maddie talking to Shelby with his super hearing. Clark tells her that he won't say mean things to her. Maddie starts talking to Clark and they go up into the loft and talk. They decide to go horse riding, Lois comes in and hears Maddie talking to Clark. Lois tries befriend Maddie, but Maddie is hesitant. They talk about horseback riding and Maddie becomes anxious and breaks some light bulbs and runs into the house.

Clark follows and consoles Maddie. Maddie admits to Clark that ever since she was little she could break glass and she can't control it. Clark asks if she hurt Naomi, but Maddie said that she didn't. Lois and Clark talk about calling the police, but Clark doesn't want to. They decide to go talk to Chloe and dig up some info.

Clark goes to The Daily Planet, and Chloe has magically been able to access Maddie's child services records and finds other references to broken glass in other foster homes. Maddie's mother died in a car accident and that it was caused by the front window breaking. Chloe assumes that Maddie caused it.

At the Kent farm Lois and Maddie head out on a picnic, but Maddie runs off into the barn looking for Shelby. In the barn, Lois and Maddie are talking about not breaking glass and getting hurt, when the child services worker comes in. He tells Maddie to get in his car so he can take her to the shelter.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is watching some videos of some of his investigators who are tracking Professor Fine. There are two of them from different parts of the world both reporting that they have seen Fine and are tracking him. Chloe bursts in and begins to admonish Lex of taking advantage of Lana and threatens him to not hurt Lana.

At the Kent farm, Maddie is getting in the car and Lois warns the worker to have her stay away from glass. The car windows start to shake and then explode. This time we see a man show up and drive the car away. Lois has glass embedded in her back and is unable to help out.

At the hospital, Lois is getting medical treatment when Clark walks in and they talk about Chloe being kidnapped and there is an Amber Alert out for Maddie.

At an unknown gas station, Maddie is attempting to call Clark from a payphone, but there is no answer. The stranger comes up behind her and hangs up the phone. The stranger tells Maddie that he is her father and he has been locked up. Maddie says that he killed Naomi, the child services worker, and her real mom. Her father pulls a glass butterfly out of his pocket and shows her. Maddie breaks it, but then her father puts it back together the same way Maddie breaks glass. He steals another car and drives away.

At The Planet, Chloe finds out that Maddie's dad is Tyler McKnight and that he just got out of prison. He was incarcerated for stealing diamonds. He was recently released for good behavior. They find out that Tyler had been living with his mother in Smallville.

Clark goes to visit the grandmother, she didn't know that she had a granddaughter. In the grandmother's home is a painting of a stained glass art that the original is now hanging in The Talon.

At The Talon, Tyler is front of the stained glass and pulls the diamonds out of the artwork. He tells that he and Maddie can run away and start a new life with the diamonds. Maddie doesn't want to, because he stole them. Clark shows up and dispatches Tyler.

While at The Daily Planet, Lana confronts Chloe about talking with Lex. She tells Chloe to stay out of her business and to quit spreading rumours. Chloe tells Lana that Lex is a predator to be wary of, while Lana says she isn't going to be anyone's prey and can handle it. Lana leaves in a huff.

Clark and Lois return to Lois' apartment at The Talon and Lois feels bad for how she treated Maddie. Maddie will be staying with her grandmother. Just then Martha walks in and asks Lois to be her Chief of Staff. Lois agrees to take the job.

At the hospital, Tyler is being escorted out by a deputy with glasses. Tyler breaks the deputy's glasses and escapes.

The next morning, Maddie is at the Kent home cleaning up. She wants to help them as they helped her. They invite her to stay for breakfast. Clark and Maddie talk about their real fathers. Clark brags about Jonathan and how he would have liked to have met Maddie. Maddie asks to stay with the Kent's, but Clark says she needs to stay with her grandmother. Maddie begins to get angry and the glass starts shaking. Clark agrees that Maddie can stay for now.

Later that night, Tyler shows up and is threatening to kill Martha with a piece of glass unless he brings him his daughter. Clark uses his heat vision to free Martha, who runs off. Tyler uses his power to get all the glass and throws it at Clark, Maddie is there to redirect it and point it back at Tyler. Maddie struggles with killing Tyler or not to. Clark talks her out of doing it and to not end up like her father.

Maddie's grandmother comes to pick up Maddie. Clark and Maddie talk about how Maddie scared to go live with her and how she will control her powers. Clark encourages her that she can and that things will work out. Maddie hands Clark a picture she drew of the Kent's, Shelby and her on the farm. She leaves with her grandmother.

At The Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about Lois' new job as the Chief of Staff. They start talking about Lana, and Chloe gets mad tells Clark to not make her into a covert spy for him.

Lana shows up to the Luthor mansion to talk with Lex. She tells Lex that they are only friends and Lex agrees. But then Lex turns around and kisses her. Lana is wild eyed, and then kisses him back and then runs out.