Smallville Season 5 Episode 20-Fade

Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan are heading to a court hearing and the star witness is being escorted in to court. Outside the court, Clark saves a man from getting hit by a car with his superspeed. The man ends up being able to turn himself invisible and sneaks into a enclosed room and kills the witness and escapes before he is discovered. Upon arriving home, Clark finds Lois Lane playing some video games on his new 50" plasma and surround system that was anonymously delivered. Clark decides to take it back, he thinks it is from Lionel Luthor. Clark and Chloe do some computer research and find that the TV was paid for in cash. Chloe suggests its from Lex Luthor and Clark goes to talk with Lex.

Back at the Clark home, Lois is excersizing and the stranger that Clark saved earlier comes over and talks with Lois. He reveals that he is the one that delivered the TV and that his name is Graham. He hangs around to wait for Clark.

Lex comes back from Washington DC after a week of researching Professor Fine and was unable to find any leads. Lex and Lana Lang tell each other that they missed each other and then start to kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Clark is about to walk in and talk with them and sees them. He leaves and goes to Chloe.

Clark and Chloe talk at The Planet about how Chloe knew about Lana and Lex. He is going to talk with Lana, to tell her that she is making a mistake. Chloe reminds Clark that he broke up with Lana and that while she doesn't like it either, Clark doesn't have a say in the matter anymore.

Clark is in the barn loft looking at a picture of Lana and Graham walks in. He reveals to Clark that he sent the TV and that he wants to thank him for saving his life earlier. Clark relents and agrees to go to a party with Graham later that day. At the party, Graham introduces Clark to his date for the night, Lois. In a side conversation, Lois and Clark talk and Lois tells Clark that she likes Graham.  Graham tells Clark to go up to the balcony. He goes up and there is a woman, Gia, waiting for him. They talk and she tries to seduce him to the bedroom and kisses him. Clark realizes that Graham is responsible for this and leaves. Clark runs into Graham on the way out and Clark tells Graham about how Lana is now with Lex Luthor. Graham hints that he will help him out and take care of the situation.

At the Luthor mansion, Graham sneaks up on Lex with his invisibility power and starts to garrot Lex. Lana walk in on them struggling, just as Lex passes out.Graham escapes and  Lana calls for help.

At the hospital, Clark sees Lex in the bed and Lana holding his hand. Lana comes out to talk and gives Clark a rundown on his condition. Lana reveals that she saw the attacker and gave the police a description. Lana tells Clark what the attacker looks like and that he seemed to vanish into thin air. Clark realizes that it could be Graham.

Graham comes to visit Lois at The Talon and they talk about how Graham is talking some time off to spend it with Lois. He invites Lois to go to Chicago to see Coldplay in concert. Lois tells him that he doesn't need to woo her with expensive gifts and jets. Lois reluctantly agrees.

Clark goes to Graham Garrett's home and Clark accuses him of trying to kill Lex. Graham tries to kill Clark, but Clark deflects the attack and Graham realizes that Clark has powers too. Graham turns invisible and escapes.

At The Planet, Clark and Chloe do some computer research and realize that an unknown killer, 'The Chameleon', is on the FBI's most wanted list and they have no idea who he is. He is most likely responsible for the murder at the beginning of the episode. Chloe checks the Digital Wall of Weird and there is no references to anything related to the meteor rocks. Clark realizes that because he saved Graham it has resulted in he murder and Lex's injury. Chloe and Clark talk about his weakness of the meteor rocks and it is revealed to the audience that Graham is there listening invisibly.

At The Talon, Lois is taking a shower and Graham walks into the bathroom and is spying on her. Lois realizes that someone is there. She gets out and sees footprints on the floor. She gets out and opens the door to find Clark standing there, Lois is buck naked and Clark gets an eyeful. Clark warns Lois about Graham, but she doesn't believe him. Clark realizes Graham is still there and chases him out into the back alley. Clark confronts Graham, but he has a kryptonite rock and overpowers Clark. Graham tells Clark he is going after Lex and Lana too.

At the hospital, Lex and Lana talk about his recovery. Lana tells Lex that Clark came by to visit. Lex asks Lana if she has told him about them, Lana isn't too happy to tell her, but Lex tells Lana that Clark needs to hear it from her.

Chloe comes over to Lois' apartment and tells Lois about Graham and that he is a killer. They run out of the Talon and into the back alley looking for Clark. They find him buried in a dirt hole in the alley. Clark tells them that Graham is going after Lex and Lana.

At the hospital, Lex and Lana are visiting, and Graham takes out the security guard in front of Lex's door. The door opens and Lex pulls out a gun starts shooting aimlessly. Graham is hit, but punches Lex and drops the gun. Graham reveals himself and is bleeding from a shot to the stomach. He grabs the gun and chases Lana and Lex out of the room and down the hall. Graham gets off a shot before he dies, but Clark arrives just in time to grab the bullet while their backs are turned. Lex and Lana never realize that Clark was there. Lana tells Lex that he saved her life, as Clark looks on from behind a door with the bullet in his hand.

At the Kent home, Martha is home and Lois comes by and they talk politics. Martha asks Lois how she is doing with the recent incident. Lois questions why can't she just meet a normal guy from a normal family that isn't a psychopath. Martha reveals that she dated some losers too until she met Jonathan. Martha suggests that maybe they need to date the wrong men, so they can recognize the right one.

Clark shows up to The Talon and congratulates Chloe on her front page story of 'The Chameleon' getting killed. Clark apologizes to Chloe for questioning her friendship. Clark expresses the pain he felt seeing her kiss someone else and says to Chloe that she doesn't know what that feels like. The pain on Chloe's face is there as it is obvious that she still feels for Clark. She goes on to say that it must be hard, but that Lana has moved on and he must too.

At the loft, Clark is putting the telescope away, and Lana comes by. She asks him why he is putting away the telescope and she thought he loved that thing. Clark replies with "It doesn't work anymore." Lana tells Clark that she wants to be honest with him and tells him that she and Lex are in a relationship now. Clark plays dumb in that he pretends he didn't know. He tells Lana that she can't trust Lex and he doesn't want to see her get hurt. She tells Clark that she doesn't need him to protect her and that their relationship is over.  Lana walks out of the loft in what could be for the last time.