Smallville Season 5 Episode 21-Oracle

Clark comes home to dark home and lo and behold it is a surprise birthday party! Lois has made Clark a cake. Clark opens presents, and Lois gives Clark a journal embossed with his initials. Clark notices an envelope with his father's handwriting on it. There's a card with two tickets to a baseball game in Milwaukee. Later on, at the graveyard, Clark is talking to his father's grave and leaves the tickets on his grave. Clark then sees his father and Jonathan tells him that Clark needs to stop Lionel Luthor and that to save this world, he needs to kill Lionel. Jonathan then disappears into the mist. At the Kent Farm, Clark talks over the meeting with Jonathan with Martha, and she tries to dissuade Clark that it wasn't his father.  Clark tells his mother about the near death experience and how he saw Jonathan then. Martha starts to believe Clark.

At The Talon, Lana picks up some coffee and runs into Lois. Lois guesses that she is picking up coffee for Lex and asks if Lana is his new assistant. She says that she isn't, but that they are together but he isn't her boyfriend.

Chloe and Clark talk about Clark seeing Jonathan at the graveyard. Chloe goes along with it and they try to figure out why he should kill Lionel. Clark reveals to Chloe that someone tried to blackmail Martha and why.

At the Luthor mansion, Lionel and Lex Luthor talk about how Lex has been working with Professor Fine. Lionel reveals that he knows that Lex has been smuggling chemicals and viruses into the US, also that there are multiple Fine's around the world. Lionel warns Lex to stop. Lex leaves and after which Lionel again has a strange reaction and reaches for pen and paper and this time we see him draw some kryptonian symbols and his eyes are whited over just as before.

Clark and Chloe break into Lionel's office at LuthorCorp and discover that Lionel has an appointment with The Inquisitor and The Pentagon regarding The Weapon. Chloe surmises that maybe Clark is The Weapon.

At the Mansion, Lana stops by after a three hour conversation with Lois. Lex talks to Lana about something that is happening. He has been working on something big and asks her how deep she wants to get involved with a new project. He warns her that if he shows her this new information she is all in and can't go back. She agrees and they go to a facility at LuthorCorp. Lex has been collecting viruses so that he can change the world. He has been altering the viruses to be able to help people. Fine believes that the spacecraft could be the first of many. Lex is now working against Fine. Lex has pictures of the spacecraft and Fine standing next to it. Lana reveals that she might know how to stop him. She says that  Lionel had told her how to do it when she found him in that strange trance he was in, when she found him scratching symbols on the floor in the mansion.

At the Kent home, Martha recieves a voicemail from Lionel warning her that something is going on that Clark needs to know about. She looks into the darkened living room and sees Jonathan sitting in a chair. Jonathan questions how long she has had feelings for Lionel. She denies any feelings for him, and tells him that she misses him so much. Jonathan warns that Lionel will kill everyone unless Clark kills him. He disappears from the home, and we as the audience see Jonathan looking in through a window at Martha. Jonathan then slowly morphs into one of the Dr. Fine's and he smiles mischeviously before he runs off.

Martha is talking with Clark about how she saw Jonathan, they talk about why Lionel has to be killed. Martha tells Clark that Jonathan said that Lionel had something to do with his death.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is reviewing video reports on Dr. Fine's whereabouts when one them walks in the door. Dr. Fine talks to Lex about their agreement and how he has been cut out of the loop. Lex assures him that the vaccine is being developed. Lex tries to disable Fine with a rock of kryptonite, but it doesn't work. He says that he isn't one of them, but he was made by them. Fine then turns his finger into a sword and holds it to Lex's neck and demands the vaccine.

Chloe has been doing some research into Lionel's phone records and discovers that Lionel had been calling Jonathan multiple times and that the last time was an hour before his death. The last call was made near the Kent Farm and that he was there the night his father died.

At the barn, Lionel and Clark meet. Clark is mad and confronts Lionel about meeting his father the night he died. Lionel admits that they met and that they had to talk. Clark accuses Lionel of killing his father, Clark brings up the weapon, but Lionel denies that Clark is the weapon. Just then Jonathan shows up and encourages Clark to kill Lionel. Lionel tries to convince Clark not to kill him as Jonathan wouldn't tell Clark to kill anyone. Clark realizes this and uses his heat vision to push Jonathan away. Jonathan throws a tractor at Clark and then starts to choke Clark. Jonathan admits that he isn't his father and when Clark asks who is he, Jonathan only says that he is the one that will bring the world to it's knees. Just then, a high pitched metallic sound is heard and stuns Jonathan. It is coming from Lionel whose eyes are whited over again and he reaches out and touches Jonathan, who then begins to be destroyed. Just before disintegrating, he fades into one of the Fine's and then is gone. Lionel wakes up from the trance and asks "What just happened?"

Clark and Lionel head back to his office and talk about Fine and how he has been destroyed twice now. Clark questions Lionel how he was able to destroy Fine? Lionel doesn't know, but opens his vault revealing pages and pages of kryptonian symbols that he has written while in the strange trance. Lionel feels that what he wrote is meant for Clark. Lionel warns Clark not to tell Lex.

Clark and Lionel go to The Planet and show Chloe the symbols. She doesn't know what any of it means. Lionel tells Clark and Chloe that Lex and Fine are developing a weapon, the virus, that was completed today. They have to stop them. Chloe suggests they talk to Lana about getting into the lab where Lex is.

Clark is in Lana's dorm room, when Lana walks in finding Clark. Clark tells Lana that they have to stop Lex before it's too late. Lana doesn't want to tell Clark, but he tells Lana that Lex is in trouble and he needs help.

At the lab, Fine and Lex are talking about how the vaccine is ready. Fine injects it into Lex and he collapses. Fine then punches the power grid causing the lab to be destroyed. Clark shows up and rescues Lex. At the mansion the next morning a doctor is checking out Lex and finds him to be okay. Clark shows up and tells Lex he should have listened to his father. Lex tells Clark he crossed the line and he doesn't want to hear about Clark going through her stuff. They argue about Lana and Lex tells Clark that it is his own fault Lana isn't interested in him anymore.

At the Kent home, Lionel shows up and talks with Martha about how he visited Jonathan the night he died. He told Jonathan that he knew about Clark and that he was so angry that he never let Lionel explain. Martha doesn't say anything and Lionel asks her to forgive him in time.

Lex and Lana talk about Clark and how he is barging in where he isn't wanted. They agree to not talk about Clark for awhile. Lex goes to open a bottle of wine and there is an injection scar on his wrist. He then cuts himself on the wine opener, but he self heals instantaneously. He doesn't tell Lana.

At the barn loft, Lois and Clark discuss how Lana is moving on. Lois tells Clark to stop stalking her and to put his focus on something else. Clark mentions that there are times when he feels that Lois doesn't know him at all, and times where she knows him better than anyone. Chloe brings up the leftover cake and they talk about Jonathan's real gift to him was that he taught Clark to be his own man. Chloe reveals that there were three signs repeated more frequently than others. The signs translate as "Zod is coming".