Smallville Season 6 Episode 4-Arrow

This was a fun episode to watch as we see how Clark Kent and Oliver Queen discover each other's respective secret identities and how they agree to protect each other in that way. Oliver is all about helping those that need help and tells Clark that he needs to start thinking beyond just protecting his friends and family. That there is a whole world out there that could use the help that he would be able to provide with his abilities. While Green Arrow was introduced in the previous episode, this episode introduces him even more. Clark is more of a secondary character in this episode as he, Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane all try to figure out who Green Arrow is.


Oliver Queen and Lois go to a fundraiser together that Lionel Luthor is hosting for Martha Kent. Lionel gives Martha an expensive necklace to wear for the occasion. During which, Green Arrow crashes the party and steals the necklace. Lois chases after him and ends up grabbin a ring that Green Arrow was wearing around his neck on a chain. Lois is angry and writes an article in the Inquisitor about The Green Arrow Bandit. She does enlist Chloe's help in examining the ring, in which Chloe discovers a faint, worn image of a family crest. In talking with Clark about it, Clark realizes he has seen this before and goes to Oliver Queen's penthouse/office and uncovers evidence that Oliver is Green Arrow. While Clark knows who Green Arrow is, he doesn't tell Lois or Chloe, and Chloe is able to guess that Clark knows who Green Arrow is, but that he will keep that secret. Chloe doesn't press him and agrees to not investigate it further. However, Lois is still angry towards Green Arrow and is set on discovering who he is in spite of the fact that she and Oliver are still friends.

In a side story that is going on with Lex Luthor and Lana Lang, Lex reveals to Lana that he has the alien power source and that a scientist within LuthorCorp is trying to figure out how  to use it. Lana goes to visit with Lionel and they talk about how they need to protect Lex from himself and should try and recover the power source before something bad happens. She then runs into the scientist in the elevator on the way out and she blackmails him into not letting Lionel get his hands on the alien technology. Lana goes back to Lex and they talk about how she already knows about the alien power source and that is is actually a weapon. She tells Lex that they should keep working on it, so as to be prepared in case more aliens arrive and attack. It is later revealed that Lex was coordinating all of this through Lionel to manipulate Lana and to see if he could trust her. Lex also points out that Lionel is using the Kent's and is trying to convince them that he is a good man.

So we see how the Luthor's are using other's to compete for power using either the Kryptonian's themselves or their technology. Lex is now using Lana and has her fooled that he is a good man and that she is starting to follow in his footsteps too.