Smallville Season 6 Episode 5-Reunion

This episode further deepens the character of Lex and we see him and Clark drift further apart. Lex is despising Clark more and more, while Clark is realizing that he and Lex are no longer friends. Oliver Queen is becoming a regular character this season, one that is rising to the level of Lois Lane in importance to the stories being told.  Other than these character developments, there isn't much to this episode. It hearkens back to the early episodes of the series, in that there are mysterious murders that end up being caused by kryptonite meteor rocks and Clark and the gang end up solving the mystery by the end of the episode. The episode addresses the past history of Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen and how they have such a contentious relationship. We see at one point how Lex did have a friend and that he was a caring person. But we also see that even from a young age Lex did have a darkness to him that Lex himself has mentioned in previous episodes.


Lex had a friend named Duncan in prep school and the two were being bullied by Oliver and his two friends. Lex and Duncan stumble up on some information that will be harmful to Oliver and his group, as they could get expelled from school. Lex believes they can use this to blackmail Oliver and friends to force them to let Lex and Duncan be apart of their group. Duncan wants to do the right thing and turn them into the principal. Lex tries to convince Duncan to not turn them in and they argue and come to blows. Lex almost kills Duncan, but Oliver pulls him off Duncan. Duncan stumbles out into the road and is hit by a car.

The episode is titled Reunion, as there is a Prep School reunion and Lex, Oliver and his two friends attend the reunion. Lex brings Lana Lang and Oliver brings Lois Lane to the reunion. At the reunion, one of Oliver's friends is killed by mysterious circumstances in front of everyone. At the hospital, later that evening, Oliver and his other friend are leaving the hospital in mourning as their friend was pronounced dead. As the friend gets into his limo to go back to Gotham City, his car explodes and he is killed.

At the Luthor mansion at about the same time, Lex and Lana witness some strange events and a chandelier falls from the ceiling almost killing Lex and Lana. Lana is injured and taken to the hospital.

Clark visits Oliver and finds out about Duncan and how he was killed. Clark finds out that Lionel Luthor swooped in and took care of Duncan's medical treatment and all the funeral costs. Clark goes and talks with Lionel and finds out that Duncan is still alive but is in a vegetative state. Lionel promised Duncan's mother he would try and discover a treatment to help Duncan recover. He is still trying to find a solution.

At the hospital, Clark shows up to visit and Lex rudely tells him to leave and that he doesn't have any reason to be there. Lois meets up with Clark at the hospital and they talk and go to a secret facility where the still alive, but vegetative, Duncan is being held.  They discover that the day the attacks started, Duncan started a new treatment involving kryptonite. They surmise that Duncan is behind the attacks and that he is using some form of astral projection. Clark realizes that Oliver is probably the next target and rushes off to his penthouse. He arrives just as a specialty arrow is shooting towards Oliver as projected by Duncan. The arrow was a limited EMP arrow, and Clark steps in front of the arrow and it detonates. In the detonation aura, we see an outline of a man that is Duncan. At that same moment, at the hospital, Lois sees Duncan go into convulsions and pass away. The EMP burst shorted out Duncan's ability which affected his biological functions.

Afterwards, Oliver goes to the Luthor mansion and apologizes to Lex for his past behavior and tells him that he was wrong for acting that way towards him and Duncan. Lex throws the apology back in his face and tells him that the only regret he has is that at one time he wanted to be his friend.

The final scene is Chloe coming to Clark with satellite photos of craters left around the world on the day that Clark was released from the Phantom Zone. In one photo Clark is able to recognize Raya and that she is alive in Australia.