Smallville Season 7 Episode 14-Traveler

In Traveler we learn more about the mythology of Smallville and the mystery of how Lionel Luthor is so entrenched in helping Clark Kent. We find out that Virgil Swan, Lionel Luthor and the Queens, along with a fourth family - the Teague's, have known about 'The Traveler' for some time. That the Traveler arrived on Earth during the first meteor shower. At the time they didn't know who that was, but eventually Lionel figured it out. He had the other patriarch's killed. We get to see more of the motivation of Lionel Luthor. This episode came up with a great way to neutralize Clark Kent, with kryptonite tasers and a kryptonite cage. With Clark captured, it was great to see Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang work together to first free Kara Kent from the evil clutches of Lex Luthor, and then help Clark escape. If they have a common goal, Lana and Chloe work great together and it's fun to watch. We also see Chloe declare her love for Clark, not in his presence though, while it didn't come across as romantic love, more like true love for another human being. I still think that Chloe and Clark should end up together and scenes like that only reinforce that idea for me.


In Metropolis at LuthorCorp, Lionel Luthor is working late and is brought a note from a security guard, who indicates that he has recieved another one. He opens the envelope and he is distraught.

At night in the Kent barn, Clark goes up to his loft and retrieves the key to the portal to the Fortress. In the background we see someone sneaking around in the shadows. Clark is tased with a kryptonite taser by multiple military personnel who capture him and knock him out.

Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan go into the barn and see the mess left by the kidnapping. Lana tells Chloe that Clark was going to the Fortress. Chloe finds the book with the hidden key and they realize he never made it to the Fortress. They discover a kryptonite taser left from the kidnapping and give each other a worried look.

We see Clark in a cage that has kryptonite infused bars. The leader of the kidnappers is in a booth and pulls a lever which increases the level of kryptonite in the bars. Clark tries to escape and it is again increased. The kidnapper warns him not to try and escape or he will continue to amp up the levels, possibly killing him.

Lionel Luthor meets with Patricia Swan, the daughter of Virgil Swan. Lionel reveals that Patricia and Lex used to play together as children. Patricia has inherited Virgil's Estate, money and research. Virgil was obsessed with a Traveler who came to Earth in a meteor shower and lived in Smallville. Patricia begins to tell a story of how four powerful families would gather every summer, the Swan's, the Queen's, the Teague's and the Luthor's. They formed a secret group called Veritas. Lionel calls it their astronomy club and minimizes the group. Patricia points out that all the other patriarchs are dead, and accuses Lionel of murdering them. She points out that she has proof that he murdered them. She tells him to turn over the Traveler now, Lionel refuses and tells her that she is in over her head.

At the Luthor mansion, Kara is reviewing documents and pictures of her in her alleged High School. Lex walks in and she tells him that is enjoying living there. Lex tries to convince her to undergo the tests to help her get her memory back. He urges her to trust him as he wants whats best for her. She agrees and Lex tells her that he will get things going. Lex leaves and meets with his assistant, who is watching Kara via video cameras. Lex tells her to ready the lab for tomorrow and that if she shows any signs of getting her memory back, to lock down the mansion.

Clark is still in a cage and the kidnapper is cruelly torturing Clark by increasing the krypton levels. In walks Lionel Luthor who is behind the kidnapping and tells the kidnapper to stop being cruel to Clark.

Back at LuthorCorp, Lionel is on the phone when Lana and Chloe walk in. He tells them that he is having his people look for Clark, he will let them know if he finds anything. They show Lionel the kryptonite electrode from the taser. He tries to pin the blame on Kara and Lex. He tells them that he wants Clark back safely as much as they do.

The next day, at the Daily Planet, Lana and Chloe are doing some research and discover that Lionel built a secret lab the same time he discovered Clark's secret, and that according to power records the lab was turned on last night. They conclude that Lionel is holding Clark captive in a secure facility. They realize that they need Kara's help, but that they will have to help her get her memory back. Chloe can take her to the Fortress if Lana will get her out of the mansion. Lana is aware of some secret passages that she can use to get Kara out.

At the mansion, Patricia Swan is visiting Lex and they talk about old times and catch up on what they are doing now. Patricia is wearing a locket that her father gave her when he passed away. Patricia gives Lex a painting that he drew when he was a child. It is in an insignia of the Veritas group. Lex doesn't remember much, and Patricia doesn't know too much, but Lionel is the last surviving member and he would probably know.

Lex visits Lionel and shows him the painting and that it is the symbol of Veritas. Lex wants to know about Veritas, but Lionel minimizes the importance. Lex tells Lionel he will go to Patricia and seek answers about Veritas and leaves the office. Lionel immediately calls Patricia and tells her that he is ready to make a deal.

Lana and Chloe are preparing to go rescue Kara. At the mansion, the security video feed is cut. Lana and Chloe enter Kara's room and convince her to go with them. By the time the security guards arrive, Kara is gone.

At the secure lab where Clark is being held captive, the kidnapper is talking about how he has hunted down a lot of meteor freaks. He used to be head of security in 33.1.

At the fortress, Chloe and Kara are looking for Jor-El. Chloe tells Jor-El about how Clark is in trouble and that he needs his help. A bright light appears and surrounds Kara and her memory is returned. Chloe tells Kara that they need to save Clark.

At the lab, Lionel meets with Patricia and she turns over the evidence of the murders. She asks to see the Traveler and sees him in a cage. She is saddened that he is in a cage. She wants to see him face to face to verify that he is the Traveler. The kidnapper knocks Patricia out from behind. Lionel takes the evidence and tells the kidnapper, Pierce, to put Patricia on a plane back to Europe and then take Clark back to his home and release him. Pierce pulls a gun on Lionel and tells him that he can't do that. The safety of the world is at stake and he won't release the meteor freak. Pierce tells Lionel that he is going to terminate Clark, and then knocks out Lionel. He turns up the power of the Kryptonite to it's full power and Clark is about to die. All of a sudden Kara bursts in and destroys the cage and frees Clark. Pierce is about to taser Clark and Kara when Lionel pushes Pierce and he falls on some wreckage, impaling himself.

At the Kent farm, Patricia is being cared for Clark. She knows who he is and gives Clark Virgil Swan's diary. Clark opens the diary revealing that it is full of kryptonian symbols and notes. In the diary, Clark reads a 'prophecy' that the Traveler will bring great change to the Earth. Patricia tells Clark about Lionel's treachery of murdering the other's in Veritas. She warns Clark of Lionel's evil intentions and his manipulations. Patricia tells Clark that she is willing to help him and will be moving to Metropolis so she can see the Traveler change the world.

At LuthorCorp, Lionel is in his office and Clark arrives. Lionel admits that he locked him in the cage, but it was to protect him. Lionel tells Clark that he was getting these letters that someone was after him. Lionel tells him that he built that cell for the other Kryptonians that have come to Earth. Clark tells him that he has spoken with Patricia and he knows about the murders. Lionel tells Clark that he has changed and he is a different man now. Clark responds, "No, you're not." and walks out.

Clark is rebuilding the parts of the barn that were damaged when he was kidnapped. Kara walks in and asks if he needs any help. Clark says that he doesn't and pulls out Kara's bracelet and gives it to her. He thanks her for saving his life, Kara tells him that Chloe and Lana helped her. They talk about how they have both been fooled by the Luthor's and that they only do what's right as long as it benefits them. Clark tells her that he wants to see the good in people, but he thinks that the Luthor's are a lost cause.

Patricia is heading into Metropolis in her Mercedes and it stops on a bridge. Her driver gets out and she asks him why they stopped. He shoots her, killing her. We then see Lex polishing the blood off of Patricia's swan necklace.

In some deleted scenes, we see how Lana and Chloe enlist Jimmy Olsen into helping Kara escape the mansion by disarming the security so they can cut the power. Once inside the mansion, Jimmy meets up with Kara and they talk about how they used to hang out. Jimmy tells Kara that she shouldn't trust Lex and that he is probably watching her 24/7. This puts some doubt in her mind and leads to her going with Chloe and Lana so quickly. Jimmy's mission is a success and he lets Lana and Chloe know so they can now cut the power.