Smallville Season 7 Episode 15-Veritas

We learn more about Veritas and those that founded it. We learn that Lex Luthor is gaining memories lost due to his exposure to the meteor shower. We learn that Clark Kent still can't fly. We learn that Virgil Swan, Lionel Luthor, Robert Queen and Edward Teague have known about Kryptonians and in a round about way, Clark Kent since he arrived in Smallville. We learn that there is a mysterious envelope locked in a Zurich vault that contains secret information that only the now deceased Virgil Swan knew about. I was hoping that we'd actually get to see Clark fly, the other times we've seen 'Clark' fly don't count as it wasn't truly Clark. But, no it was only a tease to get our hopes up. We did get to see the dynamic duo of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen work together for the first time as reporter and camera man. Hopefully we'll see more of that in future episodes. 


At the Kent farm, Kara Kent is helping out with the chores. An eagle is spying on her and then fly's into the barn. Kara hears the dog barking in the barn and goes to investigate. Inside she finds Professor Fine and he tells her that knows she is from Krypton and he knows about Kal-El. He tells Kara that he knows of a way to go back and change things. Kara doesn't fall for it and Fine grabs her, but Clark Kent arrives and throws him away. Fine then escapes with a warning that other's will be hurt.

Clark tells Kara that Fine isn't a man, he's a machine - Brainiac. Clark tells her that the last time he went up against him, Fine tried to get him to release General Zod. They talk about how Clark needs to learn how to fly if they want to defeat Fine.

Lois is drawing a blank for her next article, Jimmy shows up and suggests that they could work together for a great article. Chloe has run off when Clark called her. Just then Lois gets an email from the coroner's office about how Patricia Swan had been murdered. They decide to go investigate.

Lex Luthor's assistant comes in and tells him that Patricia's murder has been covered up and it won't get back to him. Lex and the assistant talk about Veritas and how he has been searching all his life for it, but didn't know exactly what it was due to the memories he lost from the meteor shower incident. Lex tells her that ever since he got shot in Detroit and was healed, his memories have been coming back. We then see a flashback to when Lex was a child playing hide and seek with Patricia Swan, Oliver Queen and the Teague boy. Lex goes and hides in a closet and overhears the adults, minus Virgil Swan, talking about Veritas and how Virgil Swan is keeping things from them. They formed Veritas to protect the secret of the Traveler. They have an envelope that Lionel wants to open, but the other's won't open it until Swan arrives to the meeting. Lionel accuses Robert Queen of working with Swan to keep the information from him. The Teagues have been searching the earth for the stones and Lionel insinuates a conspiracy to keep him out of the loop. Edward Teague tells Lionel that this is bigger than any of them. Lionel pushes for them to open the envelope to learn the information, because the Traveler is here now. They will take the envelope to Zurich to keep it locked away and safe. Queen has a key that is enclosed in a locket that he wears. Back to the present and Lex now has Patricia's swan locket and he opens it to reveal a similar key. Lex tells his assistant to find out what safe that key opens and she has 24 hours to do so.

At LuthorCorp, Lois and Jimmy sneak in as maintenance workers and ambush Lionel Luthor in his office. Jimmy is taking pictures and Lois is asking him questions about Patricia Swan's murder. Lionel denies killing Patricia. Jimmy shows Lionel pictures of Patricia with her locket on, and the morgue picture shows Patricia without the locket and with scares on her neck from the locket being forcibly removed. Lionel then draws out a locket of his own, the same one that Queen was wearing.

At the Kent farm, from the barn loft Clark is watching Kara fly. She lands next to him and tells him to stop stalling. Apparently Clark is afraid to fly, but Kara encourages him that it's easy, just up, up and away. Clark chickens out and they come up with a different plan of attack. They realize that they can track him by focusing on the energy he uses, that he is a computer.

At Isis, Lana is there alone when Brainiac arrives and grabs Lana. He uses his creepy interface to steal energy from Lana.

At the Planet Clark reads the newspaper about Patricia Swan's death. Chloe tells Clark that she hasn't found any clues that Lionel is behind the murder. Chloe scours the internet for power surges and discovers that there was one by Isis. Clark rushes off and goes to Isis. Lionel is there and Lana is not. Lionel tells Clark that the receptionist told him that Lana had a visitor and then left with him. Clark and Lionel argue over his integrity, Lionel tries to give Clark the locket, but he wouldn't take it. He leaves an envelope for Lana in Isis.

Clark rushes home and finds Lana there. She is cooking something on the stove with her back towards him. She doesn't respond to him talking and Clark goes over and discovers that Lana is boiling water and that the pan is hot and burning her hand. Lana is not responding to the pain and her eyes are milky white. Kara comes in and asks what happened. Lana grabs a pen and paper and writes some kryptonian symbols down. Clark reads them and it says Deliver Kara, Daily Planet. Kara rushes off to the Planet.

Jimmy and Lois break into Isis because Lionel left his office and went straight to Isis. They look around and find Lana's computer room. Lois also finds the envelope left for Lana, containing a picture of Patricia's driver who killed her. There is also a picture of the driver talking with Lex. They surmise that Lex hired the driver to kill Patricia.

At the Luthor mansion, the assistant comes to tell Lex that there is a roadblock. Lex is ready to leave, and is mad there is a hold up. The assistant tells Lex that the safe requires two keys. This is news to Lex. He pulls out an old newspaper that announces the death of the Queens. Lex has another flashback of when he was playing at his dad's office. He goes to listen in and hears his dad talking about their key. Lex sees a security officer hands Lionel the key.  Lionel then talks on the phone with someone about how they only need Swan's key to open to safe. Lex sees his father as he walks out of the office, and they are readying to fly in a helicopter to Smallville.

Kara goes to the Planet and is on the roof waiting for Brainiac. Clark shows up and tells her that he won't let her face Braniac alone. Braniac then shows up and tells them he is the only one that can help Lana and that he is controlling her now. Brainiac tells Kara to come with him, which she does. Brainiac and Kara fly off together leaving Clark behind. They fly up into space and disappear.

Lionel is at the Planet waiting to talk with Chloe. He implores her to talk with Clark, but Chloe refuses due to his past murders. Lionel tells her that he's changed, when Jor-El chose him to be his vessel it changed him. He begs Chloe to listen, Clark is in terrible danger as he has turned from Jor-El. Lionel tells her that he has repented. He warns her that something terrible is coming. Chloe doesn't believe him and walks away.

Clark is at the mental hospital waiting to see Lana, and Chloe shows up and tells him that there is no new information on Kara and Brainiac. Clark goes in to see Lana and she is still unresponsive with the milky white eyes. She calls him Kal-El and says you're too late, Kal-El. Chloe comes in and sees Clark kneeling next to Lana and begins to cry.

In a deleted scene, Kara and Brainiac are in a jungle next to some stone figures. Brainiac tells Kara to take off the bracelet. He tells her that she could have saved Lana, but she didn't. She takes off the bracelet and throws it. The scene ends.